How to Set Goals and Stick to Them

Emily Doenges

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The beginning of a new year and even a new week is a fresh start that often inspires change. Making meaningful change in your life takes time and dedication, but it’s a worthwhile effort! Success often means defining clear and realistic goals. There’s plenty of research on the importance, value, and benefit of goal setting, and now is the perfect time to dig into your goals for the year.

If you’re ready to set some big fitness goals (and accomplish them) here are some tips to help you get started on the path to success. 

When it comes to setting goals for yourself, it’s important to be very specific about what you plan to achieve. Whether you want to run a half marathon or just move your body for 30 minutes a day, making your goals concrete is a crucial first step. Create the target, so you know exactly what you’re aiming for. 

Once your goal is defined and specific, put it into writing. Maybe that means you make a sign to hang on the wall next to your treadmill or bike, or even something you share with friends and family on social media. No matter what you choose to do, writing it down and putting it out there is a great way to stay accountable and be reminded of your goal.

Defining your goal and writing it down is a great start, but then it’s time to take action! Keep your goal in mind every day as you think about how your actions can lead to the desired outcome. Establish a routine or daily practice that helps you stay mindful and present. 

Big goals take time to accomplish, so be sure to create milestones for yourself along the way to celebrate your progress. Try building this into your goal and reward yourself with some new workout gear or a special treat to celebrate your success. With iFit, we’ll send you emails throughout the year to celebrate your workout milestones, because we believe in you!

A great way to be reminded of how far you’ve come is by using a calendar or an app to keep track of all you’ve accomplished. This will remind you how close you are to achieving your goals. 

As the saying goes, showing up is half the battle. Connecting with a friend is a great way to “show up” for yourself and for them to help you stay the course. You can help them do the same! Looking for an accountability partner? The Official iFit Member Page is full of people like you, working toward their goals. It’s a great place to connect with your fellow iFit members and share your story.

Are you ready to achieve your goals? Let’s get started—we can’t wait to cheer you on!

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