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iFit Challenges FAQ

Julie Tukuafu

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What are iFit Challenges? 

Each month, we announce a unique fitness Challenge in hopes to motivate and push you a little harder. If you complete the Challenge requirements, we’ll send you a reward in the mail! The Challenge is different every month, and the requirements to earn your reward also differ. We try our best to make sure there’s a Challenge for every equipment type, but it depends on the month! 

How often can I complete a Challenge?

We announce a new Challenge every month! (And sometimes we throw in a bonus Challenge, too!) Make sure to join the Official iFit Member Group on Facebook, as we post the latest announcements there.

How do I know what the Challenge is each month? 

We’ll let you know what the monthly Challenge is a few ways. First, make sure you’re signed up to receive emails from iFit! We’ll send you an email when we release a new Challenge. We’ll also announce the Challenge on our Instagram page and Facebook group. From there, you’ll have access to the link to join the Challenge! 

How do I get the reward?

If you complete the Challenge requirements, we’ll send you a magnet and postcard in the mail or sometimes, we solely send a digital, printable award.

How long does it take to get my reward? 

It can take 2–4 weeks to receive your reward. 

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to join the September Challenge! Pick one of the Audio Series mentioned below, then complete SIX workouts to receive your reward in the mail!

Click here to download the iFit App to your mobile device. 

Then choose from the following series:

Outdoor HIIT Strength Series with Kelsey Sheahan 

Heartward Yoga Series with Nicole Meline 

Power Walking Interval Series with Nicky Holender 

Intro to Endurance Jogging Series with Phil Catudal 

Strengthen the Mind Meditation Series with Kevin Courtney 

You can complete these workouts outside, at home, or on your equipment (you’ll have to adjust your machine’s settings manually). Our trainers will give you audio cues every step of the way!

We’re so proud of our community and how much they accomplish whenever they finish a Challenge. Best of luck this month! 

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