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iFit Challenges FAQ

Julie Tukuafu

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What are iFit Challenges? 

Each month, we announce a unique fitness Challenge in hopes to motivate and push you a little harder. If you complete the Challenge requirements, we’ll send you a magnet in the mail! The Challenge is different every month, and the requirements to earn your magnet also differ. We try our best to make sure there’s a Challenge for every equipment type, but it depends on the month! 

How often can I complete a Challenge?

We announce a new Challenge every month. (And sometimes we throw in a bonus Challenge, too!) Make sure to join the Official iFit Member Group on Facebook, as we post the latest announcements there.

How do I know what the Challenge is each month? 

We’ll let you know what the monthly Challenge is a few ways. First, make sure you’re signed up to receive emails from iFit! We’ll send you an email when we release a new Challenge. We’ll also announce the Challenge on our Instagram page and Facebook group. From there, you’ll have access to the link to join the Challenge! 

Can I complete a Challenge if I live outside of the U.S.?

Yes! If you’re an international member, you can now receive your magnet in the mail!

How do I get my magnet?

If you complete the Challenge requirements, you’ll receive an email with a link to redeem your magnet. From there, simply add the magnet to your cart (it’s free!), then enter your shipping information at checkout to receive your magnet in the mail! Tracking will be provided.

How long does it take to get my magnet? 

Once you’ve checked out and have your tracking number, it should only take a few days for your magnet to be delivered (this depends on where you live, though). You can always track your magnet’s journey with the tracking number!

Can I participate in more than one Challenge at a time?

Yes! There will likely be multiple iFit Challenges going on simultaneously, and you are more than welcome to join as many as you’d like, even if they’re running at the same time.

Can I complete a challenge on more than one piece of equipment?

Yes, you most definitely can!

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