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iFit Rapid Fire: Stacie Clark, Anja Garcia, Betina Gozo

Dani Jette

READ TIME:1 min.

Happy Women’s History Month to every strong, hard-working, beautiful woman out there! At iFit, we believe that every day should be a day of self-empowerment, but we’d like to give this day some extra special attention.

As women, we have come so far in this world: from marches, to movements, to meaningful changes in our lives. We’ve debunked body image stigmas, spoken up louder, and stood alongside each other in social acts of bravery. Despite our differences, each and every one of us is equally fearless, beautiful, and strong. It is because of our differences that we should celebrate ourselves and one another.  

In honor of Women’s History Month, we threw some rapid-fire questions at three of our most inspiring iFit trainers. Get to know Anja Garcia, Betina Gozo, and Stacie Clark!


Anja Garcia


Betina Gozo


Stacie Clark

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