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iFIT Trainer Casey Field Gilbert is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer and former Division I track and field hurdler from upstate New York. When he was younger, Casey was teased about being skinny. At 14, he decided to start lifting weights regularly in addition to playing sports. Later in life, Casey left his medical sales career to pursue his dream of becoming a fitness trainer. When he’s not coaching, Casey loves running and exploring the outdoors. His guilty pleasure? Candy! He claims, “If you bring an Airhead near me, it will not survive the day.”

After moving to Utah, filming a new workout series in Uzbekistan, and finishing the 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon®, Casey has been a busy man this year. He recently shared more about his latest iFIT experiences with us and touched on race prep, golfing with John Peel, and his all-time favorite candies.

This past year, you joined iFIT as a full-time trainer and moved from NYC to Utah. Those are huge life changes! How are you settling into it all?

This was a huge year for myself and my wife, Leah. I worked with iFIT in the past, but earlier this year, I was presented with the opportunity to be a full-time trainer and relocate to Logan, Utah. The decision took some time, and I honestly don’t think either of us fully processed how much of a change it would be to our lifestyle.

The transition was wild, but we are settling in, feeling more at home, and exploring the amazing landscape around our new home. I don’t exaggerate when I say this is a dream job and opportunity for me. It’s a step forward for my wife and I with our future goals. I’m very happy with the decision!

This past October, you crossed the finish line of the 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon®. Describe that experience. What emotions were you feeling?

The London Marathon® was my first big race since before the pandemic. It was also five times longer than any on-camera workout I’ve taught. Plus, I had to run a marathon while coaching—my emotions were all over the place! I was really nervous about being able to perform, but also so excited to run London. It’s extremely difficult for an American to get into that race, and I was so grateful for the opportunity to check it off my bucket list.

I’m so proud of my achievement, but more than that, I’m excited for the iFIT members to be able to experience the race themselves! A marathon is difficult for anyone, so I feel so lucky to be able to coach so many people through the race. I watched the finish of the race on the iFIT app and it really got me emotional. It was a special experience that was captured in the workout, so I’m pumped for everyone to feel a part of it!

How did you prepare for the London Marathon®? Did it differ from other race prep you’ve done in the past?

I was training for a marathon earlier this month, and London was one month prior. To put it in perspective, I was training for a sub 3-hour marathon, but in London, I coached at a sub 5-hour pace the entire time. On paper, that sounds easier because it’s slower, but in reality, it’s two extra hours of running. I implemented many more slow miles to get used to the pace and spent more time on my feet to get ready for the duration. It was a new type of race prep but a welcomed challenge!

Many of our members have completed 5Ks and 10Ks, but have yet to make the leap to marathons. What advice would you give them about long-distance preparation?

Easy miles! About 70-80% of training miles should be done at an aerobic exertion level or around 70-80% of maximum heart rate. To say it more simply, most of the training should be easy. A marathon is a much longer race than a 5K or 10K and getting the body used to longer periods of exertion takes time. The trick is to give your body 3–4 months to train and spend most of the time with easy miles!

What was it like filming in Uzbekistan for your latest workout series? Do you have a favorite memory from the trip?

It was so surreal being in Uzbekistan! We had to have special permission to enter the country, so we stood out as outsiders. The locals were just so excited to have us there, share their culture, and invite us to experience their country. I will remember that trip forever! 

My favorite memory was at the Fortress of Alexander the Great in Nurata. At the end of the workout, there was a steep climb to the top of the fortress. As we were filming and running, there was a youth soccer team that wanted to show me they could keep up.  I had about 10 kids running behind me, chasing me up a 5th-century fortress in the middle of Uzbekistan. We high-fived at the top and took a group photo. It was such an amazing memory.

If you had to pick another iFIT Trainer to play golf with, who would it be?

It’s no secret that John Peel and I have a bromance. He is the reason that I was introduced to iFIT in 2018, and I consider him a close friend. He’s almost too fit and handsome to play next to, but I just do a few push-ups when he isn’t looking so I feel better. We’ve shared many hours on the golf course, but it’s been a little while, so we are due for another round!

From your Instagram, it sounds like you’ve got a sweet tooth. Is that right? What are your top 3 favorite candies?

I have been crushing candy since I was young. I have the dental bills to prove it. Because of this, I am somewhat of a connoisseur! My top 3 candies (not including seasonal or specialty sweets) are: 

  • Airheads. They can’t be beatenthe flavor, texture, and nostalgia. Come on. You know you love their old television commercials, too!
  • Nerds, but specifically, the Nerds Rope Clusters. Game-changer. These will be tough to stop eating, and I’ve pushed through a few stomachaches that were well worth the extra calories.
  • Spree Chewy candy. Another classic, but it has to be the chewy ones. The regular ones are too chalky. The chewy ones have the perfect balance of crunch and chew!
  • Bonus (but they’re not around anymore): Oompas by Wonka. I had these as a kid, but they were discontinued. If I’m not mistaking the taste, they might be up there in my top 3 if they were still around. They might also be like a childhood movie that you watch again as an adult and don’t like as much, though. I guess I’ll never know!

Speaking of delicious things to eat, what’s your go-to cheat meal after a tough workout?

I stay away from calling meals “cheat meals” because many people feel guilty about not eating super clean throughout the week. My diet is clean-ish, but I always keep mental health a priority. Sometimes, restricting your diet too much can be stressful. 

As a compromise, my “cheat meals” aren’t too bad. If you learn how to cook simple meals, you can feel like you’re cheating with a decently healthy meal. My go-to is a New York strip steak (medium rare, of course) with sauteed onions and mushrooms in rice. My wife makes tasty salads that I’d eat for any cheat meal. The answer you really want to heara nice mug of ice cream after!

After the Santa Con 8K, it will almost be time to bring in the New Year! Do you have any exciting plans for 2022? 

My wife and I haven’t traveled since our honeymoon in 2019, so we are taking a trip to Mexico for the holidays. We have been all over the place with work and have luckily been able to see family recently. So, we are going to spend some quality time in Santa hats with siestas and margaritas. Some much needed R&R!

I have a feeling 2022 is going to be a whirlwind of new things and crazy experiences. I have a lot of races lined up, and we have some really cool iFIT things on the calendar, too! 

Work out with Casey

Jump into one of Casey’s running workout series to prepare for the December Santa Con 8K! From Germany to Uzbekistan, he’ll lead the way as you explore new places together. Check out his workout series below! 

Bryce Canyon Interval Series

New England Interval Series

Germany Holiday Walk and Jog Series

Uzbekistan Interval Series

Feeling the itch to race? You can also revisit the thrill of the 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon® with Casey! 

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