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5 Free Trainer Wallpapers

Julie Tukuafu

READ TIME:1 min.

We feel very lucky to have some of the best personal trainers in the world on our team.
Not only do they bring a wealth of fitness expertise and knowledge—they also seem to deliver the words we need to hear at the exact moment we need to hear them. If you haven’t already noticed during your workouts, they are full of truth bombs and words of wisdom, whether fitness-related or just about life in general!

This month, we’re highlighting five trainers who always seem to say the right thing at the right time. We’ve collected a few of our favorite quotes, so you can download them as wallpaper backgrounds on your phone, tablet, computer…whatever device you want. You can even print these wallpaper quotes onto a poster and hang it on a wall! That way, you’ll have their words of encouragement to motivate you every day.

Tommy Rivers Puzey

Get Tommy’s wallpaper

Ashley Paulson

Get Ashley’s wallpaper

Anja Garcia

Get Anja’s wallpaper

Hannah Eden

Get Hannah’s wallpaper

John Peel

Get John’s wallpaper

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