Join the Comprehensive Elliptical Training Plan with iFIT Trainer Elyse Miller

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Are you ready to invest in your long-term fitness goals? iFIT Trainer Elyse Miller has created an elliptical exclusive training plan that’s focused on challenging your fitness level. You’ll work through a steady progression of elliptical workouts over the course of 5 series. So whether you’re a beginner or just ready for a change, this new training plan will challenge you to the very end!

About iFIT Trainer Elyse Miller

Elyse Miller has always been interested in fitness. When she had her first child, she quit her job as a reporter and turned her garage into a gym to train clients. She is now an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and has been helping people achieve their fitness goals for over 17 years. With her passion and experience, you can trust that Elyse will be there to guide you every step of the way for the next 5 months.

Elliptical workouts in the iFIT Comprehensive Elliptical Training Plan

About Elyse’s Comprehensive Elliptical Training Plan

Get ready to sweat and train like never before! This new iFIT-exclusive training plan, designed by iFIT Trainer Elyse Miller, will challenge you over the next 5 months with a new series of workouts every few weeks. Each series consists of 2-4 weeks’ worth of elliptical workouts that will start in the studio and lead to outdoor events. This multi-part elliptical training plan is designed to build off the previous series, beginning with the Active Lifestyle Series.

iFIT Comprehensive Elliptical Training Plan chart

Join the Active Lifestyle Series

iFIT Comprehensive Elliptical Training Plan chart

Join the Miami Rollerblading Series

Join the Dynamic Interval Series

Check back as we release the rest of the series in Elyse’s Comprehensive Elliptical Training Plan over the coming months!

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