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New Year, New Activity

Dani Jette

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Happy New Year from our team to you! Now that the holidays have simmered down, it’s time to focus on your personal goals and growth. As you begin 2019, let’s make this year the best one yet! Whether you want to lose weight, exercise more, sleep better, be more active, or anything that might lead you to a healthier you, it’s important to focus on the steps you’ll take to get there. This year, we’re focusing on small milestones that will help you stay consistent throughout the year. By highlighting Nutrition, Activity, Exercise, and Sleep, iFit’s four fitness essentials, you’ll make lasting changes toward a healthier lifestyle.

Arguably, one of the most difficult parts of keeping a resolution is finding the time to accomplish it. We get it…you’re really busy, and that’s totally okay! After a long work day, I often catch myself sitting down to watch my favorite Netflix series, rather than going for a quick run. However, did you know that even the slightest changes to simple, daily tasks can impact your body in the long run? Activity is a huge factor in your day-to-day routine that keeps your blood flowing and body energized! When we say activity, we don’t necessarily mean exercise. We mean the steps you took throughout the day, the distance you walked while at work, and even the calories you burned washing your Goldendoodle! You might not realize it, but these simple, mundane tasks are helping you burn calories and stay fit!

With the help of both your wearable and iFit Coach, you’ll get automatic activity tracking, plus helpful move tips, so you can stay active all day long. Our pro tip: try incorporating at least one new move tip into your daily routine. Need ideas? Check out this helpful article on how to make the most of the activity features on your iFit Coach app!

Check your stats

From your Home screen on the app, tap the bar graph icon in the bottom, right corner of the blue Activity section. Here, you’ll find your stats for:

  • Steps—total number of steps you’ve taken
  • Distance—total distance you’ve traveled
  • Total calories burned—this includes active burn and resting burn
  • Active burn—total calories burned from steps and workouts (these are the calories you burn by moving your body)
  • Resting burn—total calories burned just from living (these are calories that your metabolism naturally burns without you doing anything)
  • Average heart rate—your average heart rate throughout the day (BPM stands for beats per minute)
  • Peak heart rate—your highest heart rate throughout the day

Turn on Move Time alerts

Move Time is a feature that’s designed to…well, keep you moving. Here’s how to set it:

  1. From the side menu in the iFit Coach app, tap the settings icon in the top, right corner.
  2. Tap Product Settings from the list.
  3. At the top, under Activity, you should see a toggle next to Move Time. Simply tap it to turn Move Time on or off.
  4. Then, right below, tap the time next to Idle Before Alert. This will allow you to set how much time you want to pass before your wearable reminds you to move. For example, my Move Time is set to 30 minutes, so if I’m sitting on my couch for more than 30 minutes, my wearable will vibrate and notify me to start moving again.

View your Activity Tips

The Coach app gives you a new Activity Tip every day. Here’s how to view it:

  1. Open the app.
  2. From your Home screen, make sure you’re on Today’s Plan.
  3. Simply tap the blue Activity section, and the tip will open!

Set your Activity Goals

Stay on track by setting goals. Here’s how:

  1. From the side menu in the iFit Coach app, tap the settings icon in the top, right corner.
  2. Tap Goal Settings from the list.
  3. Tap Activity Goals.
  4. Here, you can set your steps and distance goals! Just tap the pencil in the top, right corner of each card, adjust the slider, then tap Save when you’re done.

Keep in mind, if you edit your steps goal, your distance goal will automatically adjust, and vice versa. If you have your own wearable that is not yet compatible with iFit, you can always input your stats manually. As you jump into this new year, remember that a healthier lifestyle could be just one step away!

For other New Year’s tips, be sure to check out our compatible articles: “New Year, New Nutrition,” “New Year, New Sleep,” and “New Year, New Exercise.”

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