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November Challenge: Complete a Studio Series

Julie Tukuafu

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The November Challenge is here! Are you ready for it?

This month, you’ll be hitting the studio! Get ready to feel the incredible and contagious energy of our private studio setting. While we are huge fans of our beautiful Global Workouts, there’s still something special and unique about our Studio Classes, as well. Perhaps it’s the group environment, the flashing lights, or the upbeat ambience. One thing we know: It’s always a solid sweat!  

We’ve selected a studio series for each equipment type—treadmill, bike, rower, and elliptical—and we’re challenging you to complete one of these series by November 30, 2020.

Choose your challenge:

Treadmill Challenge: Intro to Running Series with Stacie Clark

In this beginner, 12-workout program, iFit Trainer Stacie Clark will teach you basic running mechanics. Each workout is designed to cover all major areas of the body to help you become a stronger runner! 

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Bike Challenge: Next-Level Bootcamp Series with Paulo Barreto

In this advanced, 12-workout program, iFit Trainer Paulo Barreto will coach you through sprint and resistance climbs on your bike, as well as cross-training exercises on the floor. 

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Rower Challenge: Full-Body HIIT Series with Hannah Eden

In this intermediate, seven-workout program, iFit Trainer Hannah Eden will coach you through rowing intervals, then you’ll transition to the floor for cross-training exercises!

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Elliptical Challenge: Studio Elliptical Series with BreeAnna Cox

In this beginner, six-workout program, iFit Trainer BreeAnna Cox will coach you through different types of elliptical workouts, including intervals, pyramids, and endurance. 

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Complete the entire series to earn your exclusive reward. Be sure to finish your workouts by November 30, 2020 to qualify! 

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