September Throwback Challenge

iFIT Team

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Everyone loves a blast from the past, so we’re revisiting some of our favorite classic workout series for the Throwback Challenge. From treadmill classes to yoga exercises, we’re digging into the archives for the series you know and love—and perhaps you’ll discover something new!

If you complete all the workouts in your selected level by September 30, 2021, you’ll earn an exclusive reward in the mail. Ready to get started? Get on your equipment or mat to complete one of these Challenge levels!

NEW! Pick your magnet this month

Complete the Throwback Challenge to choose from four vintage-inspired iFIT magnet designs. iFIT members are eligible to receive one magnet per completed Challenge level.

iFIT September Throwback Challenge magnets

Here are this month’s Challenge levels:

Treadmill and elliptical workouts

iFIT September Throwback Challenge - treadmill and elliptical workouts

Vintage Walking: Take a fascinating, colorful journey as you complete all 7 walking workouts in the Jordan Walking Tour with iFIT Guide Fadi Abu Jaber. 

Join Vintage Walking

Heirloom Hiking: Explore beautiful Lake Tahoe as you complete all 12 hiking workouts in the Beginner Incline Series with iFIT Trainer John Peel.

Join Heirloom Hiking

Retro Running: Travel to historic Easter Island as you complete all 12 running workouts in the Easter Island: Rapa Nui Running Series with iFIT Trainer Tommy Rivers Puzey. 

Join Retro Running

Bike workouts

iFIT September Throwback Challenge - bike workouts

Legacy Coasting: Explore the terrain of Turkey as you complete all 12 bike workouts in the Progressive Power Series with iFIT Trainer Jen Hudak. 

Join Legacy Coasting

Heritage Cycling: Venture to New Zealand as you complete all 12 cycling workouts in the New Zealand Adventure Series with iFIT Trainer Kate Fluker. 

Join Heritage Cycling

Traditional Climbing: Take in the Chilean countryside as you complete all 12 bike workouts in the Chile Climbing Series with iFIT Trainer Ryan Petry. 

Join Traditional Climbing

Rower workouts

iFIT September Throwback Challenge - rower workouts

Vintage Rowing: Row through the heart of Zambia as you complete all 13 rower workouts in the Zambia Beginner Series with iFIT Trainer James “Stevo” Stephenson. 

Join Vintage Rowing

Strength workouts

iFIT September Throwback Challenge - strength workouts

Flashback Strength: Work on building strength as you complete all 16 workouts in the Foundations of Strength Training Series with iFIT Trainer Kelsey Sheahan. 

Join Flashback Strength

Vintage Building: Focus on a total-body experience as you complete all 5 strength workouts in the Boxing & Weights Series with iFIT Trainer Gideon Akande. 

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iFIT September Throwback Challenge - yoga workouts

Traditional Yoga: Learn the basics as you complete all 8 yoga workouts in the Yoga Pose Foundations Miniseries with iFIT Trainer Shelley Dawson. 

Join Traditional Yoga

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