Take On the Holiday Hustle—Your Chance to Earn More Rewards!

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You feel better whenever you press play on an iFIT workout, but sometimes showing up might feel like a challenge in itself! The holidays are right around the corner, and prioritizing your fitness during this hectic time of year may require some extra effort. 

We think that extra effort calls for extra rewards! That’s why we’re dishing out a bonus round of Holiday Hustle rewards in addition to your monthly Challenge magnets and Live Race medals. You can think of the Holiday Hustle as a second serving of motivation to work out consistently during the holiday season.

iFIT Holiday Hustle

How to participate in the Holiday Hustle 

There is no separate registration for the Holiday Hustle—just join the monthly Challenges and participate in the Live Events as usual. 

The Holiday Hustle supports your healthy habits by encouraging you to stick with the monthly Challenges and Live Events throughout October, November, and December 2021. There are two ways to do the Holiday Hustle—choose one or take on both to rack up more rewards! 

1) Holiday Hustle + Monthly Challenges

Earn a 2022 iFIT calendar when you complete the October, November, and December 2021 Challenges, for a total of three consecutive Challenges. 

Take on three monthly Challenges in a row to stay motivated and build a habit of consistency that will set you up for success next year. Join one Challenge each month (for a total of three Challenges) to earn this reward. What better way to keep up with all things iFIT than with your very own 2022 iFIT calendar! 

Each qualifying iFIT member is eligible for one 2022 iFIT calendar.

Learn more about iFIT Challenges

2) Holiday Hustle + Live Events

Earn a bonus medal when you complete your choice of one Live Event each month from the October, November, and December 2021 Live Race Calendar.

Live Events give you a specific challenge to work toward, and it’s more fun to chase your fitness goals with a community that shares them! To earn your bonus medal, join one Live Event each month on your iFIT-enabled equipment or iFIT app (for a total of three Live Events).

View the 2021 Live Race Calendar

Holiday Hustle Reward FAQ

What is the Holiday Hustle?

The Holiday Hustle is a bonus round of rewards that you can earn in addition to your monthly Challenge magnets and Live Race medals in October, November, and December 2021.

How do I qualify for the rewards?

There are two ways to qualify for Holiday Hustle rewards!

1) Holiday Hustle + Monthly Challenges

Complete the October, November, and December 2021 Challenges to earn a 2022 iFIT calendar.

2) Holiday Hustle + Live Events

Complete one Live Event in October, November, and December 2021 to earn an exclusive bonus medal.

Live Events of all distances count toward the Holiday Hustle. For example, both the Boston 3K Event and the Wicked 10K Live Race will meet the requirement for October.

How many Holiday Hustle rewards can I earn?

If you complete all three monthly Challenges (October, November and December 2021), you’ll receive your three earned magnets, plus one iFIT calendar. 

Maximize your medals earned for Live Events by participating in the Live Races. If you participate in three Live Races (one in each month of October, November, and December 2021), you’ll earn three race medals, plus a bonus Holiday Hustle medal.

You can choose the option that seems most achievable with your schedule, the option that is the most challenging, or take them both on to earn your Holiday Hustle rewards. 

Will I still earn my monthly Challenge magnet and Live Race medal?

YES! You’ll still earn the magnets and medals you love. This is just our way to sweeten the deal over the holiday season! 

How do I claim my Holiday Hustle rewards?

You’ll receive an email to claim your rewards in early 2022. The email will instruct you to claim your reward by adding it to your cart in the iFIT Shop and entering your shipping information. You won’t be charged for shipping. Complete your order, then your reward will arrive soon! International members, please allow 4–6 weeks to receive your item.

Make sure you’ve signed up for emails to receive your reward emails, and don’t forget to check your spam folder!

How long do I have to qualify for each Holiday Hustle reward?

Holiday Hustle + Monthly Challenges: To qualify for the Holiday Hustle + Monthly Challenge reward, you’ll need to complete the October, November, and December 2021 Challenge by the last day of that month’s Challenge. The last day to complete the October Challenge is October 31, 2021, the November Challenge is November 30, 2021, and the December Challenge is December 31, 2021.

Holiday Hustle + Live Events: You’ll need to complete at least one Live Event each month from the October, November, and December 2021 Live Race Calendar. These events must be completed live, when they are first broadcast, to qualify for the Holiday Hustle + Live Event reward.

Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. The above information should not be used to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet, sleep methods, daily activity, or fitness routine. iFIT assumes no responsibility for any personal injury or damage sustained by any recommendations, opinions, or advice given in this article. Always follow the safety precautions included in the owner’s manual of your fitness equipment.

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