Gratitude in Motion: The Happiness Challenge

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Embark on a transformative journey of well-being with The Happiness Challenge, where picturesque settings from the mystical “last Shangri-La” to the serene foothills of the Alps become your playground to explore health, happiness, and gratitude.

Join iFIT Trainers Casey Gilbert, iFIT Guide Kenton Cool, and iFIT Trainer John Peel in breathtaking hiking, jogging, and bike workouts in Bhutan. Engage with Jesse Corbin in dynamic rowing and cross-training sessions, and Julie Piatt in soulful yoga practices. Dive in, and let each moment of this Challenge bring you closer to inner joy and gratitude.

And be sure to check out the iFIT Shop to purchase exclusive gear celebrating Casey, Kenton, and John’s pursuits of happiness in their Bhutan: The Journey Within and Bhutan: Secrets of Happiness series.

Complete the workouts from your selected challenge by November 30, 2023, and you’ll earn an exclusive, downloadable reward viewable in your Trophy Case.

Here are this month’s Challenges:

Treadmill and elliptical workouts

Join iFIT Trainer Casey Gilbert and iFIT Guide Kenton Cool for 10 hikes and jogs from their new series Bhutan: The Journey Within, and find happiness and gratitude along the way. Embark on this journey, where each step illuminates a path of joy, gratitude, and self-discovery. 

Explore Bhutan at your own pace with SmartAdjust™ — personalize workout intensity and maximize results on your NordicTrack or ProForm treadmill or elliptical!

Happiness Challenge - Tread & Elliptical

Join The Happiness Challenge: Walking

Bike workouts

Ride your way to gratitude in Bhutan with iFIT Trainer John Peel on 10 intermediate rides from his new series Bhutan: Secrets of Happiness, showcasing the kingdom’s rich Buddhist heritage. Each pedal stroke elevates your physical strength and connects you to a world of inner peace and holistic wellness.

Experience Bhutan at your own pace with SmartAdjust™ — tailoring workout intensity for a more effective workout on your NordicTrack or ProForm bike!

Happiness Challenge - Bike

Join The Happiness Challenge: Walking

Rower workouts

iFIT Trainer Jesse Corbin leads you through 6 workouts that blend pure rowing and cross-training to improve your performance through finding gratitude. As each stroke propels you forward, discover a deeper connection of body and spirit.

Happiness Challenge - Row

Join The Happiness Challenge: Walking

Strength workouts

Step into a journey for the soul with iFIT Guide Julie Piatt, finding happiness and gratitude in each pose of these 5 yoga practices. Each stretch and breath fosters a sanctuary of peace, strength, and fulfillment from within.

Happiness Challenge

Join The Happiness Challenge: Walking

Digital Reward

The Happiness Challenge

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