Try These Meditation Workouts With 8 iFIT Mind™ Trainers and Guides

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Earlier this year, we introduced iFIT Mind™, a new category in the iFIT Library that completes the entire wellness puzzle. The workout series that are included in iFIT Mind are designed to turn your attention to mental fitness. There’s no shortage of engaging workouts in this new category. You can bike, walk, and do yoga workouts in scenic locations all over the world with experts in both physical and mental training.

One major focal point of iFIT Mind is meditation. Not to be confused with mindfulness exercises that involve grounding techniques, meditation is a more formal practice requiring you to be present with your thoughts.

While many enjoy in-person meditation classes, you may not have the time to head to a local studio. That’s where iFIT can lend a helping hand! When you need to take a mental breather after a long day, iFIT Mind meditation workouts can provide that refreshed feeling you’re searching for.

Ready to give meditation exercises a shot? While there is a great assortment of iFIT Mind workout series, there are several dedicated to just meditation practice. Many iFIT Trainers and Guides in this category will help you slow down and work on your complete wellness. With so many different trainers, you can find a meditation class that meets you where you are in your fitness journey. Not sure who to choose? Get to know eight of our iFIT Mind Trainers and Guides through their meditation workout series!

Try-These Meditation Workouts With 8 iFIT Mind™ Trainers

1. Julie Piatt (AKA “SriMati”)

iFIT Guide Julie Piatt’s wellness journey began after discovering yoga, practicing deep meditation, and adopting a plant-based diet. She believes that her new lifestyle contributed to healing herself of a large cyst in her neck. After this experience, Julie developed a more profound connection to food. Julie has made a name for herself in the health and wellness world, creating over 300 plant-based recipes featured in a number of best-selling cookbooks. As a living spiritual guide, plant-based chef, and best-selling author, Julie hopes to inspire others to embrace their spiritual nature.

Join Julie’s yoga and meditation workouts in A Journey for the Soul Yoga Series, consisting of four sessions broken into several parts. You’ll work on grief, how to embody health, and what it means to live a “victorious life.” Get ready for an incredible home workout experience!

iFIT A Journey for the Soul Yoga Series

2. George Mumford

Once an aspiring basketball player at the University of Massachusetts, iFIT Guide George Mumford had to quit playing due to injuries. His loss of passion and a pain medication addiction caused him to turn to heroin as a coping mechanism. George fought this addiction for years but finally got clean and began studying mindfulness as a productive way to manage stress. In 1993, Coach Phil Jackson recruited George to teach the Chicago Bulls mindfulness exercises after Michael Jordan left the NBA. He had found his true calling—helping others learn how to stay mentally sharp, focused, and fulfilled.

Interested in hearing George’s stories about his time spent working with professional athletes? Try his mindfulness and meditation workouts in his Paradise Within Series, where you’ll get to know George and his “spiritual superpowers” that you can apply in your own life.

iFIT Paradise Within Series

3. Thalia Ayres Randolph

As a multidisciplinary healer, iFIT Trainer Thalia Ayres Randolph utilizes shamanism, Taoism, yoga, and other spiritual practices to inspire and teach others how to uncover and magnify their own light. Thalia believes that the pursuit of enlightenment is a human birthright and is on a mission to help others understand the role they play in their own healing. Working with clients from all walks and stages of life, Thalia believes that in order to transform the outside world, we must first start from within.

Join Thalia in beautiful Costa Rica in one or both of her unique workout series. Interested in moving through yoga flows? Thalia’s Costa Rica Transformative Yoga Series features six yoga sessions including power, slow, and restorative flows. How about sound baths to learn how to ground yourself in short, 5-10 minute meditation exercises? Her Costa Rica Sound Bath Series is a very special addition to the iFIT Library that you may find impactful.

iFIT Costa Rica Transformative Yoga Series
iFIT Costa Rica Sound Bath Series
iFIT Costa Rica Mindful Walking Series

4. Jamie Mitchell

As one of the best big wave surfers in the world, Australian native and iFIT Trainer Jamie Mitchell is more comfortable in water than on land. Known for his calm and methodical approach to surfing, he’s a big wave charger, 10-time Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard World Champion, and 2-time ISA World SUP Distance World Champion. As a child, Jamie’s doctor recommended learning how to swim after an asthma diagnosis. With his father’s guidance, he began surfing at six years old. Since then, Jamie has paddled into and conquered countless waves.

Join Jamie on the island of Oahu, where he’ll coach you through incredible walks, hikes, and meditations. He’ll clue you in on the mindfulness techniques he applies in his big wave surfing career, which help him stay calm in the wildest and most dangerous of waters. In this workout series, you’ll also meet Emi Erickson, a major player in women’s big wave surfing!

iFIT Hawaii Walking and Meditation Series

5. Emi Erickson

iFIT Trainer Emi Erickson is paving the way for women’s big wave surfing. As the daughter of legendary big wave surfer Roger Erickson, Emi is carrying the torch as a pro surfer who’s known to exclusively ride single fin boards. Emi’s a big wave charger who isn’t afraid to paddle out into breaks, which has paid off in her career. In 2016, she was one of 12 women invited to compete in the first Big Wave Tour’s Pe’ahi Women’s Challenge. Three years later, she became a Nelscott Reef Pro Champion. Now, Emi uses her knowledge of surfing, living healthy, and trailblazing to empower others.

Alongside Jamie Mitchell, Emi will share mindfulness exercises with you on the island of Oahu. Although you’ll be walking or hiking, you’ll find that she and Jamie allot time for guided meditations at the end of each workout. If you’re looking for a meditation workout series that has both physical and mental workout segments, the Hawaii Walking and Meditation Series is for you!

6. Faith Hunter

While coping with the death of a close family member, iFIT Trainer Faith Hunter turned to yoga and meditation. After practicing mindfulness and engaging in personal reflection, Faith released her fears and stress to become more at peace. This amazing experience convinced Faith that she needed to share these practices with others. In 2003, Faith began teaching others in yoga, meditation, wellness, and healing. Since then, she’s been on numerous international tours and graced the covers of numerous publications sharing her story.

Faith’s yoga and meditation workouts are great for learning how to feel present and connected with your body during meditation. The Panama Meditation Series and Jamaica Hatha Yoga Series, both led by Faith, offer rejuvenating sessions that help foster focus, inspiration, and clarity. Filmed in gorgeous locations around Panama and Jamaica, Faith’s yoga and meditation workouts might become some of your go-to workouts!

iFIT Panama Meditation Series
iFIT Jamaica Hatha Yoga Series

7. Nicole Meline

iFIT Trainer Nicole Meline is a New York City-based triathlete and yogi who brings a spiritual twist to her workouts. She’s deeply passionate about spirited movement and revelatory stillness, believing that humans are made to move. With four master’s degrees in the humanities and sciences, Nicole now uses her education to teach others how to move with strength and joy. Nicole currently leads online transcendent workouts that connect your body and mind, as well as soulful wellness retreats around the world.

With both yoga and meditation workouts, you can take a wellness journey with Nicole in the mountains of Montana or in peaceful locations in Patagonia. Her Montana Meditation Series features six different meditation workouts, each with a specific focus. You can also join her in Patagonia, where you’ll work through yoga exercises to help build your physical and mental strength.

iFIT Montana Meditations Series
iFIT Patagonia Mind and Body Yoga Series

8. Zein Salti

iFIT Trainer Zein Salti has always been passionate about nature, hiking, and the beauty of the earth. Certified in both Ashtanga yoga and Sivananda, she has a strong appreciation for the meditative and gentle style of Vinyasa to recenter the body. Zein loves to experiment with cold-pressed juices and raw vegan food as a way to improve her overall health. She brings a peaceful approach to fitness, focusing on the power of alignment and breathing.

In her Jordan Yoga Series, Zein expertly guides you through different yoga flows (including Vinyasa!), as well as meditation exercises in the tranquil Wadi Rum Desert. Drawn to ancient history or the natural wonder of deserts? Zein’s yoga workout series is a wonderful option for learning how to do yoga, practicing flows, and meditating.

iFIT Jordan Yoga Series

Channel your energy with iFIT meditation workouts

Which of these iFIT Guides and Trainers piqued your interest? Maybe you love the idea of meditating with a personal trainer in Costa Rica or Jamaica, or you might feel that you could really benefit from someone who has worked with professional athletes. No matter which type of meditation you feel will be useful to you, we have it in our meditation app! Our expansive iFIT Mind category includes many more meditation workouts like those highlighted above. When you’re ready, these workouts will help you slow down and tune in to your thoughts and feelings. You can even take these meditation workouts with you on the go when you download the iFIT fitness app!

Sign up for your free iFIT 30-day trial to try our meditation exercises today!

Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. The above information should not be used to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet, sleep methods, daily activity, or fitness routine. iFIT assumes no responsibility for any personal injury or damage sustained by any recommendations, opinions, or advice given in this article. Always follow the safety precautions included in the owner’s manual of your fitness equipment.

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