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Your Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide

Megan Ostler, Michelle Alley

At iFit, our goal is to make living a healthy lifestyle easier…even during the holidays! While I love celebrating with food, it’s important to make sure that you enjoy the holiday season by indulging without overindulging. Easier said than done, right? You might be nervous about trying healthier recipes during such an important food day. That’s why our nutrition team went to work to make your Thanksgiving healthy, easy, and, most importantly, delicious!

This iFit Thanksgiving Guide has your recipes, shopping lists, and a timeline to ensure that everything will be hot and ready when it’s dinnertime. Just to make sure, we had an individual follow the guide, step by step, with kids in tow, and cook everything…ALONE. She was raving about having all of the food perfectly ready at the right time, and was even able to start the feast with a clean kitchen! So even if you’re the host doing absolutely everything yourself, this guide makes it easy and stress free. But we do hope that friends and family will help out, too!

Our recipes have all been taste-tested by large panels and tweaked to ensure that you love every bite. Our guide focuses on healthy dishes (it’s hard wired into us as nutritionists), but they all still feel indulgent. They’re absolutely delicious, and your whole family will love them. So no more stressful Thanksgiving dinners! Simply print this out and follow along!

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