5 Ways for Mom to Get a Workout

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Mom life…it’s harder than 500 burpees. Harder than saying no to chocolate cake. Harder than running a half marathon. It’s legit tough, but it’s also more breathtaking and fulfilling than any of those things.

Life as a mom means a 24/7/365 career without paid vacay. And no sick days. Your uniform is exercise pants and a tee. Your boss(es) throw things, scream, need to be wiped, yell constant demands, and follow you to the bathroom. Thankfully, messy buns are “in,” ‘cause that’s your go-to hairstyle. You don’t get a paycheck. In fact, your bosses spend all of your money. Instead, you’re paid with hugs, kisses, and cuddles—priceless!

So moms, we are busy. Often, we’re too busy to think about ourselves. But without a healthy mom, the whole tribe could crumble. Take some time for yourself. I know this is easier said than done, but it’s so important.

I’m Elyse Miller—mama to an adventurous, demanding, sweet, four-year-old son and a
feisty, stubborn, joyful, two-year-old daughter. I work mostly from home while wrangling
the kiddos. I’m a fitness trainer, nutritionist, sports model, workout video creator,
freelance TV host/anchor and…a new iFit Ambassador (hooray!)

I understand busy—I really do! So here’s how I fit fitness into my Mom Life.

Make Mom a Priority

I schedule time each day that’s just for me, and I stick to it. This means waking up early!

Rise Early

I set the alarm 30–60 minutes before the kiddos usually wake. I work out first thing, before the demands of the day take over. After a workout, I never regret missing out on 30 minutes of sleep. If they kids wake early…keep readin’.

Work Out At Home

I haven’t gone to an actual gym in four years! I work out at home with plyometrics, body weight exercises, and running. This saves time and allows me to get in a burn while the little ones snooze. (Follow me on Instagram @fitelyse for several at-home workouts each week.)

Be Quick

I don’t have time for an hour-long workout. My workouts are short, but intense. 15–20 minutes is all I need. Cut out rests and water breaks…keep moving and get sweaty.

Include the Littles

Toddlers make great workout partners! They’re fantastic “equipment”—I use my 25- and 35-pounders for squats, bridge ups, chest presses, and lunges. For cardio, my babies act like lions chasing after me…their roars scare me right into tuck jumps over and over and over again (be sure not to land on your kids. That would not be good). We all laugh together, get exercise in, and have fun. Isn’t that what life’s all about? It might be hard sometimes, but it’s so rewarding!

Elyse Miller
iFit Ambassador

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