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A Guide to Getting Started with iFit

Emily Doenges

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Whether you’re new to iFit or just looking for more information on everything we offer, here’s a guide to getting started with iFit!

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What is iFit?

iFit is the technology that brings exciting, interactive workouts to your home fitness equipment. Our trainers will take you on a fitness journey that spans the globe as you travel virtually on your equipment to exotic locations. Your trainer will even automatically adjust your machine to match the terrain!

iFit comes on a variety of fitness equipment, including treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, rowers, and strength machines. We can be found built into brands like NordicTrack, ProForm, and Freemotion. You can also view and complete workouts on your phone or tablet using the iFit app on any equipment or with no equipment at all!

iFit gives you access to thousands of workouts, both on your machine and off! From cardio and HIIT to strength training and yoga, there are thousands of options available for you.


The iFit Library is where you go to find the perfect workout for your unique training regimen. With thousands of options available, we’ve made it easy to locate (and join) workouts. 

You can filter by:

  • Duration (20–30 mins, 30–40 mins, etc.)
  • Trainer (John Peel, Tommy Rivers Puzey, Hannah Eden, etc.)
  • Category (Running, Walking, Recovery, etc.)
  • Intensity (Level 1–7)
  • Target Area (Back, Chest, Arms, Shoulders, etc.) 
  • Continent (North America, South America, Europe, etc.)
  • Environment Type (Forest, Beach, Mountains, Studio, etc.)

You can join a workout right from the Library, or you can sign up for an entire series. Here’s a great article highlighting detailed features of the iFit Library


Once you begin a workout on iFit-enabled equipment, the Leaderboard will automatically load on the right side of the screen. This shows your standing in comparison to others who have completed the same workout. You can filter this view in a variety of ways, including distance, exertion, gender, and age. Or, you can just compete against yourself! During Live Workouts, you can filter by “Right Now” to see users who are competing against you in real time.

Joining a series

You can join an individual workout, or you can sign up for an entire series. A series is a collection of workouts to help you achieve a specific goal. You’ll follow the same trainer in the same location throughout, building off of each workout as you progress toward your goal.The Series category page allows you to find all of the series that are available on your specific equipment. You can join a series directly on your console or in the iFit app. When you join, the workouts will all be automatically added to your calendar. If you prefer not to schedule, you can add the series to your Favorites, making it easier to find and pick up where you left off!

iFit Trainers

At iFit, our trainers are the star of the show! They work out alongside you, encouraging and educating you every step of the way. Get to know a few of our trainers here. 

Automatic adjustments

If you’re working out on a piece of iFit-enabled equipment, your trainer will automatically adjust the incline, decline, or resistance for you. No need to worry about pushing buttons or turning knobs; you can simply focus on the workout! If your desired pace is different, you always have control of the machine. If you want to jump back in, hit the “follow trainer” button.

Global Workouts

You can run, hike, and tour exotic locations as your trainer acts as both your coach and your tour guide. With Global Workouts, you can travel the world as you work out, right from the comfort of your home!

Studio Classes

Rub shoulders with other iFit members as you follow along in a studio setting that’s high-energy fun!

Live Workouts

With Live Workouts, you can join a live class when it fits into your schedule. Just tap the “On Air” icon on your console or tablet. This will take you to the schedule, where you can see the trainers and workout types that are available. Select a workout to join and get ready to move!

The iFit app 

With the iFit app, you can work out anytime, anywhere! Download it onto your phone or tablet, then select a workout from the Library to get started. 

Reward Series

Each month, iFit introduces a new Reward Series to help challenge and inspire you! If you’re an iFit member and subscribed to emails, we’ll send you an email each month that highlights the challenge and how you can sign up. Once you complete the challenge, you’ll receive either a digital reward via email or a physical reward in the mail!

The iFit community

The best part of iFit (other than the workouts) is our incredible community! Our Facebook group is a great resource to encourage other members, share your story, and even ask questions. 

You can follow iFit on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and even submit your story to be featured on Member Monday. Each Monday, we highlight iFit users in our Instagram stories! We also introduce #iFitHighlight to help you discover new workouts to challenge yourself and add some variety to your routine.

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