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Around the World Challenge: Community Favorites

iFit Team

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There’s something incredible about traveling the world, from the comfort of your home. iFit’s Global Workouts allow you to move your body, as you travel to some of the most beautiful, exotic locations on Earth. It was in the spirit of seeing the world that we introduced the Around the World Challenge to our members in April. The challenge was simple: complete 7 Global Workouts (or go the extra mile and complete all 21!) and successfully travel the world, together. 

Together, our incredible community ran 131,941 miles, biked 210,200 miles, and rowed 22,973 miles!

We asked the iFit community what their favorite locations were, and here’s what they had to say:

“All of these workouts have been wonderful! I loved the lessons on the Cave Castle Recovery Run! I also really enjoyed the cultural walk in Istanbul and Egypt. And I loved the beach walk, safari walk, castle walk, and mountain climbs. Seriously, I loved them all!”
—Ashley Marie

“The Egypt Walking Tour had the coolest information, but the Motovun run was my favorite so far!”
—Seth Manthey

“I have finished all 21 workouts. I have enjoyed all of them. I so enjoy the trainers and their enthusiasm. Thank you iFit!”
—Angie Gifford English

“The Cave Castle with Tommy was fun because it even entertained my kids (they ran it too!)”
—Michelle Fronick

“I have loved them all—Egypt, Bora Bora, Utah, Iceland, and Antarctica with the penguins! My bucket list just keeps growing!”
—Barbara Wilding

“I’ve finished them all and enjoyed the new bits of info I learned from each and every one. A few of my favorites were the Bolivian Salt Flats, the tour of London, and the Bora Bora Ocean Walk! Thanks for designing such a clever challenge while we are all confined to our homes.”
—Audra Krystofolski Kennedy

Thanks for traveling around the world with us! Be sure to join us next month for our May Reward Series.

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