Series Feature: Australia Weight Loss Cycling Series

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Join iFIT Trainer John Peel as he guides you through an invigorating cycling experience across Australia’s diverse landscapes!

John’s new Australia Weight Loss Cycling Series takes you on a journey through some of Australia’s most iconic and breathtaking settings, from the pristine shores of South Molle Island to the vibrant beaches of Whites Beach and Tallow Beach.

iFIT Trainer John Peel stands with his bike in front of a kangaroo-filled field.

From January 1 to January 31, 2024, once you complete the series, you can purchase exclusive iFIT merchandise inspired by this series and get 10% off*, a perfect way to celebrate your journey. Keep an eye on your inbox for a separate email with your iFIT Shop discount code.

We also connected with John to get insights into the making of this series and valuable advice for those embarking on their cycling journey.

Read on to uncover more about this adventure, and let’s pedal our way through Australia together!

Australia Weight Loss Cycling Series

John Peel Q&A

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Australia Weight Loss Cycling Series

About the workouts

John coaches you through 12 progressive intervals, speed play, and endurance rides, each lasting 20-30 minutes, to encourage weight loss and body positivity.

About Australia

Ride through Australia’s most enchanting landscapes. Each ride is not just a workout but a journey through captivating scenery that inspires and motivates.

iFIT Trainer John Peels stands with this bike, while overlooking the Australian bush.

Workout highlights

  • Beginner workouts
  • 12 workouts
  • Average workout duration: 30 minutes or less
  • Available on bikes
Australia Weight Loss Cycling Series details: 12 workouts, each less than 30 minutes long, available on bikes.

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John Peel Q&A

John, how does this series cater to beginners aiming for body transformation and enhanced self-esteem?

JOHN: “This series is tailored for those starting their fitness journey, focusing on essentials like mechanics, body posture, and muscle engagement. Australia’s beauty helps distract and ease the mental barriers of working out, making them feel more achievable and enjoyable. It’s designed to help beginners overcome self-doubt and enjoy their fitness journey in a beautiful setting.”

iFIT Trainer John Peel rides his bike along an Australian beach.

How does this series blend active movement and body positivity into its approach to fitness and well-being?

JOHN: “The series strikes a balance between active movement and body positivity. Regardless of fitness level, the series aims to make people feel comfortable, confident, and accomplished. The goal is for our members to mentally disconnect from the outside world and feel positive as their body works towards achieving something great, especially while experiencing the beauty of Australia.”

Lastly, can you share how filming in Australia contributed to the essence and energy of the workouts?

JOHN: “Australia’s terrain is incredibly diverse, featuring isolated islands, pristine beaches, mountains, and city coastal rides. This variety makes the series unique. We’ve captured some of our favorite Australian locations to showcase their beauty, essence, and culture. The idea was to use these stunning backdrops as a distraction from the intensity of the workouts, making the series not just a physical, but also a mental achievement for our members.”

iFIT Trainer John Peel stands with his bike on an Australian beach with a city-skyline in the distance.

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