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Favorite Self-Care Rituals

Emily Fredrick

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Between tight deadlines at work and social obligations, it can be hard to schedule time for yourself. Any type of self-care routine can quickly fall to the bottom of your list of priorities. But it turns out that doing even the smallest actions of self-care are an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone’s routine can look different, but here are some of my favorite self-care rituals that I like to implement each day!

restorative yoga

Do restorative yoga. 

A lot of times, we coast through the day on auto-pilot, and we’re not in tune with how we feel mentally or physically. Restorative yoga is a great outlet to check in with yourself, focus on your breathing, and assess any physical or mental pain that you may be feeling. Research even shows that being in a restorative state can bring the body toward calmness, alertness, and engagement, and away from the stress we typically experience.

healthy meal

Eat a healthy meal.

When hearing the words “self-care,” sometimes we automatically think of bingeing on our favorite family-sized bag of chips. Try treating yourself to foods that are nourishing! Not only will you feel good about it, but you’ll also feel happier, energized, and more focused in general.


Focus on a hobby.

Think about what you enjoy doing, then find an opportunity to pursue it. Whether you pick up a new activity or dust off an old hobby, taking the time to focus on something you enjoy can help you unwind and take a break from your daily routine, leading to reduced stress and a new opportunity to explore your talents. 

drinking water

Drink enough water.

Even though almost all of the major systems in your body depend on water, it can be hard to keep up with hydration. To make sure you’re getting enough every day, we recommend drinking from a clear water bottle that has measurements on the side, so you can see how much you’re actually consuming.

meal prepping

Prepare the night before.

Way too often, we’re rushing out the door every morning, which leaves little time to focus on the day ahead. By preparing the night before, like laying out an outfit or making lunch, you’ll find that you have more time in the morning. That way, you can visualize what your day is going to look like, leading to feeling less rushed and more focused.

It’s easy to put your own needs on the back burner, but self-care is something necessary if you want to function your best, not only for others but for yourself, too!

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