Gym Confidence and Fitness Apparel

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Have you ever been so excited about your new workout apparel that suddenly you have all of the motivation in the world to get to the gym? When you walk into the studio or enter the weight room, maybe you are holding your head a little higher or your posture more upright. Your energy and excitement is so high that you’ll be inspired to have an amazing workout. Well, that’s not a coincidence. A 2012 experiment called the ‘enclothed cognition’ explains the relationship between what we wear and how we feel, meaning that the physical experience of wearing activewear that we feel good in can boost our confidence in the gym.

The athletic apparel market industry has grown by about 7 billion dollars since 2019, according to Emma Bedford from Statista. Getting ready for a workout is no longer about throwing your hair in a messy bun or running in the same t-shirt you wore to bed. Nowadays, we see exercisers worldwide flaunting their fitness fashion, from leggings with storage pockets and cropped tank tops on women to performance joggers and muscle tanks on men—all purchased from high-end athletic brands.

For someone who is new to the fitness world, working out can be intimidating, whether they lack confidence in their look or in their exercises. As a matter of fact, 65% of women avoid going to the gym because they do not feel like they fit the athletic image. But, as the ‘enclothed cognition’ highlights, a positive mindset can increase significantly with the proper sportswear, which enhances motivation and performance.

If you believe that a specific piece of clothing will help you perform better, then research says that you will. A 2020 study shows how women presenting in professional attire performed better than those who wore casual clothes. This concept is no different from the way you perform in the gym. When you “dress for success” for a workout, according to Antonio Centeno, you will certainly thrive more than if you threw on leisure clothes. In this case, wearing high-quality and comfortable training apparel may enhance your athletic performance, whether that is lifting heavier weights or running longer distances.

Your confidence in the gym can also be affected by the quality of your clothing. Whether you are a man working out your chest in a t-shirt that feels too tight or a woman squatting in leggings that slip, your quality of movement and overall performance could be impacted, due to feeling uncomfortable. In addition, if the fabrics you are wearing do not match your activity, then issues may also arise there. While you train in the gym, you should wear clothing created to wick away moisture and odor—otherwise. you may be dealing with some embarrassment and further discomfort, which may decrease your confidence. 

For many, wearing high-quality and attractive fitness apparel serves as a personal reward. You know you have worked hard, and, as a result, are eager to flaunt your strong body in new athletic wear. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to sweat with style!

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