Balancing Motherhood and Ironman Training: A Q&A with Hannah Eden

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Motherhood reshapes priorities and day-to-day life, demanding resilience and adaptability. For iFIT Trainer Hannah Eden, it parallels her physical journey of training for the 2024 Ironman Triathlon. This challenge is not just about physical endurance but also personal growth and setting an example of perseverance for her son.

In an exclusive Q&A, Hannah shares how she balances intense training with the joys and demands of being a first-time mom. 

Hannah, can you tell us about your goal and your journey so far?

Hannah Eden:I’m training for an Ironman triathlon, which I decided to pursue about four months postpartum. It’s set for September, right when my baby turns one year old. This goal marks a significant transition for me from personal fitness to integrating motherhood with my identity as an athlete.”

Why did you choose to take on this challenge at this point in your life?

Hannah: “Postpartum, I experienced a bit of an identity crisis. It felt like I was losing my drive. Training for the Ironman became a way to regain my focus, maintain my identity, and demonstrate that motherhood enhances rather than limits my capabilities.”

How do you manage your training schedule alongside motherhood?

Hannah: “It’s definitely challenging. At the peak of my training, I’ll need to manage around 25 to 30 hours a week, akin to a part-time job. My husband (iFIT Trainer Paulo Baretto) and I tag team a lot, which involves a lot of planning and communication to make sure we meet our family and professional commitments.”

What excites you most about this race and the training leading up to it?

Hannah: “The most exciting part is proving to myself that I can do this. The discipline, the daily grind, and the commitment needed are all in line with the values I want to instill in my son — that with passion, planning, and hard work, you can achieve your dreams.”

What message do you have for other moms trying to balance fitness and motherhood?

Hannah: “Start small and remember that something is better than nothing. Fitness is important, not just for physical strength but also as a mental health outlet. It helps me bring the best version of myself to my family.”

Hannah’s perspective reminds us that life’s transformations do not have to sideline our ambitions. Instead, they can be the catalyst for discovering deeper strengths and achieving greater heights.

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Whether you’re a new parent navigating the early stages of motherhood or someone striving to achieve a long-held dream, let Hannah’s determination motivate you. Remember, every challenge is an opportunity to grow stronger, and every day is a chance to push beyond your limits!

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