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iFit is Featured on Cheddar

Danielle Prager

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With the explosion of the connected fitness category, streaming platform iFit has raised $200 million to compete with Peloton. Colleen Logan, VP of Marketing for iFit, joined Cheddar to discuss

Colleen Logan, Vice President of Marketing for ICON Health & Fitness, appeared on Cheddar, the live and on-demand video news network focused on covering the most innovative products, technologies, and services.

When asked how iFit fits into the realm of connected fitness, Logan responded,

Where we are very distinctive in this, exploding connected fitness marketplace, is that iFit is interactive. iFit is interactive with our equipment, trainers, workouts, and members.

She went on to explain that when an individual is working out on iFit-enabled equipment, they are able to travel virtually to exotic locations all over the world. iFit sends film crews, along with world-class trainers, all over the world to record workout adventures that are accessible right on the customer’s machine. iFit’s technology uniquely adjusts the speed, incline, or resistance to match the exact topography of the trek, along with the trainer’s instructions.

Filming on 7 continents and in 40 countries, there is a wide array of workouts for every fitness level, from browsing Christmas markets in Germany to hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro.

When asked how iFit keeps up with other competitors in the connected fitness space, Logan answered, “We are interactive, so that makes us distinctive, but we also have a huge variety of products: cycles, treadmills, incline trainers, rowers, ellipticals, and strength machines. And then we have a terrific range of price points, as well.”

We don’t think fitness should be a luxury. We think people of a wide range of ability to pay and different types of modalities should enjoy the connected fitness trend that iFit offers.

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