iFIT Summer Camp: Water Adventure Challenge

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iFIT Summer Camp is almost over! Since June, we’ve introduced a unique, new Challenge each month, but with some exciting twists and surprises along the way. If you didn’t complete the Challenges released in June or July—you still have time!

How the Challenge works

We released a new Challenge each month at the beginning of June, July, and August. Each Challenge consists of various levels for each equipment type (except for rower), and there are 8 workouts in each Challenge level. But here’s the twist: You have until August 31, 2021 to complete all three Summer Camp Challenges, so you have the flexibility this summer to complete them whenever it works for you.

That means you can complete the Meet Your Counselors Challenge that was released in June during the month of June, or you can wait until July or August when it’s more convenient for you—the choice is yours!

How rewards work

Like a typical Challenge, you’ll earn a reward each time you complete that month’s Challenge. That’s a total of three rewards for completing each monthly Challenge, as long as they are completed by August 31, 2021. Complete as many Challenges as you’d like, but if you complete all three, we’ll send you something special to commemorate your achievement: a limited-edition iFIT hat!

That’s three rewards total for completing each Challenge, plus a hat to help you stay cool in the heat this summer and celebrate being a part of iFIT Summer Camp!

iFIT Summer Camp Challenge rewards: August

You must complete ONE Challenge level from each of the three iFIT Summer Camp Challenges. That’s one from June, one from July, and one from August. They do not have to be workouts from the same equipment type. For example, you can complete one Challenge level on your treadmill for June, one Challenge level on your bike for July, and one Challenge level with strength workouts for August. You’ll still be eligible for your exclusive iFIT hat. 

You have until August 31, 2021 to complete all three Challenges to be eligible for your three magnets and limited-edition hat. There is a limit of one hat per iFIT member. 

For more details or if you have questions about iFIT Summer Camp, be sure to check out this iFIT Summer Camp FAQ!

Also, don’t forget to join the Meet Your Counselors Challenge that was released in June and the Mountain Explorer Challenge that was released in July!

The Water Adventure Challenge

Wrap up your iFIT Summer Camp Challenge and cool off with a water adventure! You’ll explore white beaches, take in waterfalls, and venture by lakes and rivers this month. Each Challenge level is made up of 8 workouts that will take you to the water to wrap up the summer!

Treadmill and elliptical workouts

iFIT August Challenge Water Adventure treadmill and elliptical workouts

Coastal Walking: Explore exotic beach locations all over the world through these eight walking workouts. From St. Lucia to Turks & Caicos, you’ll join iFIT Trainers like Alex Gregory and Hannah Eden as you explore the water. 

Join Coastal Walking

Seaside Hiking: From French Polynesia to Bolivia, you’ll explore crystal blue waters and stunning lakes through these eight hiking workouts. Explore Magic Mountain in French Polynesia with iFIT Trainer Paulo Barreto, complete the Poike Hike with iFIT Trainer Tommy Rivs Puzey in Easter Island, and more!

Join Seaside Hiking

Scenic Running: You’ll discover paradise with these eight running workouts in Hawaii, Thailand, New Zealand, and more! Join iFIT Trainers like Gideon Akande and Tommy Rivs Puzey for intervals and steady-state runs near the water. 

Join Scenic Running

Bike workouts

iFIT August Challenge Water Adventure bike workouts

Scenic Cycling: Take in water landscapes as you cycle through areas like French Polynesia, Montana, and Norway. iFIT Trainers, including John Peel, George Hincapie, and Ashley Paulson, will help you enjoy the scenery as you complete eight bike workouts together. 

Join Scenic Cycling

Bike Adventure: Head out into the wild blue yonder as you push yourself through 8 endurance and speed cycling workouts with iFIT Trainers like Gideon Akande and Ashley Paulson. Challenge yourself as you enjoy the waterscapes and move your body!

Join Bike Adventure

Seaside Climbs: From Hawaii to Tokyo, you’ll work on building strength as you complete eight cycling workouts near the water. From an endurance ride by the Arakawa River with iFIT Trainer Travis McCabe to exploring the Lugano Lakeside with iFIT Trainer Ashley Paulson, you’ll power through every ride!

Join Seaside Climbs

Rower workouts

iFIT August Challenge Water Adventure rower workouts

Adventurous Rowing: Venture out into the water as you row through regions like Zambia, Brazil, and England. iFIT Trainers such as Alex Gregory and Nico Stahlberg will guide you through every stroke as you explore the watery landscapes with eight rowing workouts. 

Join Adventurous Rowing

Strength workouts

iFIT August Challenge Water Adventure strength workouts

Seaside Strength: Work out your entire body as you tackle eight strength workouts from Iceland to St. Lucia, next to breathtaking oceans and waterways. Follow along with your iFIT Trainers, including Chris Clark and Hannah Eden, as you build strength and endurance. 

Join Seaside Strength

Scenic Building: Pursue strength in paradise with eight weightlifting workouts in locations like Costa Rica and St. Lucia. Your iFIT Trainers will guide you every step of the way, including Hannah Eden and Gideon Akande. 

Join Scenic Building

Yoga workouts

iFIT August Challenge Water Adventure yoga workouts

Beach Yoga: Find peace and healing by the water as you complete eight yoga workouts. Head to Jamaica with iFIT Trainer Faith Hunter, explore Thailand with iFIT Trainer Briohny Smith, and more!

Join Beach Yoga

Don’t forget to join our other Summer Camp Challenges!

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