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The summer has nearly arrived, meaning it’s time to soak up the sun and vacation with friends and family. Maybe you love relaxing by the beach or prefer spending time in the mountains to refresh your mind and body. Add another trip to your calendar this month, because we’re taking you on a road trip across the United States!

June’s ROAD TRIP: United States Challenge takes you on an exciting coast to coast sightseeing adventure. You’ll visit the country’s famous cities, scenic trails, relaxing beaches, and more without the hassle of packing the car! Your favorite iFIT Trainers will be in the driver’s seat, so take in the views and enjoy the trip! Stay tuned all summer long for more road trips ahead. 

If you complete all of the workouts from your selected level for the ROAD TRIP: United States Challenge by June 30, 2022, you’ll earn an exclusive reward that will be viewable in your Trophy Case! Ready to hit the road?

Here are the month’s Challenge levels:

Treadmill and elliptical workouts

Walking: Walk and hike your way across the country on your treadmill or elliptical! From the bustle of New York City to the trails of the Grand Canyon, get a grand tour of America in these 8 workouts.

Join ROAD TRIP: United States Challenge: Walking

Running: Run from the east to the west coast with your favorite iFIT Trainers! During these 8 running workouts, you’ll visit beautiful locations in Maine, New Jersey, Hawaii, California, and more.

Join ROAD TRIP: United States Challenge: Running

Bike workouts

Coasting: Tour the United States by bike in 6 cycling workouts! You’ll explore historic Boston, Massachusetts, stunning Chicago, Illinois, and California’s cinematic Venice Beach!

Join ROAD TRIP: United States Challenge: Coasting

Cycling: Ride on and off the road along some of the country’s greatest bike routes! In these 6 bike workouts, you’ll cycle through Tennessee, the Carolinas, Utah, and other incredible destinations. 

Join ROAD TRIP: United States Challenge: Cycling

Rowing workouts

Rowing: Ready for your row trip? In these 6 rowing workouts, you’ll drop into the picturesque waters surrounding Montana with iFIT Trainer Susan Francia, and team up with iFIT Trainers Gideon Akande and Tenille Boseman in the iFIT Studio! 

Join ROAD TRIP: United States Challenge: Rowing

Strength workouts

Strength:  In these 6 muscle-building strength workouts, you’ll join John Peel, Ashley Paulson, and more of your favorite iFIT Trainers in stunning locations in Hawaii, Utah, and the uptempo iFIT Studio!

Join ROAD TRIP: United States Challenge: Strength

Digital reward

Download and share your reward

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