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As many of us know, family life can make it challenging to pencil in a workout during the day. Couple that stress with COVID-19, and things become even trickier. During the pandemic, iFIT member Amanda Hoffer found a way to balance homeschooling, raising a newborn, and reviving her passion for running. Amanda found her running stride once more by sticking to a set plan and has been working towards her fitness goals ever since. She shared her wellness journey with us, touching on her favorite iFIT Trainers, mental health wins, and an upcoming 5K race in the fall. Here’s Amanda’s story!

iFIT Member Amanda Hoffer

What led you to begin your fitness journey? And how did iFIT play a role?

While now in my thirties, I wanted to run again. I was introduced to running while living in Asia during my twenties. I loved it. I moved back to the United States, and life happened. I had babies and was in a car accident that resulted in two back surgeries. I was finally in a good place to make my goal of running again a reality in 2019. 

My husband and I purchased a treadmill. The salesman informed me of the iFIT membership and how I could travel all over the world while working out. Of course, that appealed to me because of my love of traveling. As a mother to two, I didn’t see much travel in my future. I took a break from working out while pregnant with our third child in March 2020. A week after the birth, everything around us shut down due to COVID-19. I gave myself a goal each day—walk just one mile a day. I also made a plan to have both of our children nap at the same time, so I could have 30 minutes to get on the treadmill. 

As time passed, I eventually felt ready to start Tommy River Puzey’s Iberian Beginner Running Series. I was immediately hooked with his training style and calm demeanor. I couldn’t leave the house, but I could travel somewhere with iFIT. Recently, I completed a running workout in the New Zealand Fundamental Running Series with Zac Marion. He guided us through Cornwall Park and ended at One Tree Hill. I loved this workout so much because I had been to this same park ten years ago.

iFIT Member Amanda Hoffer does a cardio workout

Where do you draw motivation from, especially on days when you don’t feel like working out?

The truth is, most days I don’t have motivation. Somewhere along the way on this fitness journey, I learned that I can’t always choose to be motivated, but I can choose to be disciplined. I focus on a routine—whether it’s in the kitchen or in our home gym—and stick to it. 

Describe one of your proudest moments so far in your fitness journey.

iFIT’s content provides more than an opportunity to work on physical wellness but also mental health. A couple of months ago, I was completing one of the bike challenge workouts with Nicole Meline. She said something along the lines of, “What does this set of circumstances make possible? Sure, it may make a lot of things impossible, but what does it make possible?” I reflected on the past year of dealing with many quarantines with an infant, toddler, and home-schooling a first-grader. 

I realized that, yes, COVID took a lot from me, but it also gave me an opportunity to slow down and prioritize my physical and mental health. In that moment, Nicole helped me see possibilities within the problems, and I’ve since implemented this practice in my daily life. I’m so proud of this new mindset skill I’ve learned, all while working on my physical health.

What other goals do you have for the remainder of 2021? Eyeing any virtual or in-person events?

I have signed up for an in-person 5K at the Bismarck Marathon this fall. My goal is to race this 5K, not just run it. In July, I set a new PR of 29:54 during the Crown City Classic 5K race with Kirstie Ennis. To achieve this in-person running goal of 29 minutes, I have been getting used to running outside, which is way out of my comfort zone. I bring my trainers with me and just put one foot in front of the other. 

To date, my favorite outdoor runs have been paired with Tommy Riv’s Essaouira Beach Growth Workout in Morocco. This is the running workout you work up to for the entire Iberian Beginner Running Series—30 minutes of uninterrupted running. Tommy has become an integral part of my fitness journey.

iFIT Member Amanda Hoffer does a running workout

Who is your favorite iFIT Trainer?

I’m currently enjoying Pearl Fu’s bike workouts. Her workouts are fun and entertaining—you never know what you’re in for when you push start! My all-time favorite trainer is Tommy Rivs, because he showed me I could be a runner again.

What is your favorite iFIT series?

The Ancient Egypt Walking Tour is my favorite because this series is so nostalgic for me. My fitness journey with iFIT truly started as I was completing this walking workout series. I was able to visit a place on my bucket list while the world wasn’t allowed to travel. The cinematography and having renowned Egyptologist Ramy Romany as the trainer was so fantastic. I continue to recommend this walking workout series to others just starting out on their fitness journey.

iFIT Member Amanda Hoffer does a treadmill workout

How long have you been an iFIT member?

I have been an iFIT member officially since June 2019. However, I wasn’t active until after the birth of our third child in March 2020.

What do you like most about iFIT?

The iFIT community! Having this community unites us and gives us opportunities to connect with trainers and other members.

iFIT Member Amanda Hoffer and her family

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