iFIT Member Highlight: Enjoli Carter

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Not many would jump into an 8K race as their very first race experience. Last month, iFIT member Enjoli Carter completed the Port Washington Harborview 8K Race. Despite the urge to quit at various points during the race, Enjoli stuck it out and reached the finish line. She was gracious enough to share her first race experience with us, spotlighting her family as her inspiration. Here’s Enjoli’s story!

iFIT Member Enjoli Carter

What led you to embark on your wellness journey?

I battle debilitating fibromyalgia, PTSD, and panic disorder. After many years of suffering, I knew I needed to make some changes so that my quality of life and the lives of my family could improve.

Describe your feelings before the Harborview 8K Race.

I was so nervous but excited! The Harborview 8K Race was my first ever race of any kind as an adult, so I wasn’t quite sure if I was being ambitious or crazy.

What kept you motivated during the race?

First and foremost, iFIT Trainer Knox Robinson. The 8K was my first experience with Knox, and his energy is so uplifting and calming. I knew from the moment he started engaging with those of us participating virtually that we were running our own races. There was no pressure to achieve outside of what we were individually capable of. 

Participating in the live race was so immersive that I felt really connected to those racing in person and those who were racing virtually like me! I wanted to keep going, even when I felt really challenged because I wanted to stay connected with my iFIT family in real-time. I was going to earn my finisher’s medal no matter what!

“I LOVE this new lifestyle. Thank you iFIT fam for breathing so much life into this journey!”

iFIT Member Enjoli Carter does a running workout

On days that you aren’t feeling your best, what are some things that help inspire you to work out?

My greatest inspiration is my family. I know the healthier I become, my family gets a better, stronger, and more engaged version of me! My youngest son, who is my superhero, is also a major inspiration on the days when I have a hard time finding the drive to get my sweat on. My son battles sickle cell disease and has had to fight through a lot of pain and sickness. He has days where I know he is really struggling, but he still faces every single day with courage and strength. If he can do hard things, so can I!

Which iFIT Series are you planning on trying next?

The Iberian Beginner Running Series with Tommy Rivs Puzey!

How long have you been an iFIT member?

I joined iFIT on April 30, 2021.

iFIT Member Enjoli Carter does a walking workout

Who is your favorite iFIT Trainer?

This is the hardest question! I am still a newbie, so I haven’t had the opportunity to experience working out with many of them. If I had to pick today, it would be Knox Robinson for sure. 

What is your favorite iFIT Series?

This is another tough question because it’s like being asked who is your favorite child! There are so many series, locations, trainers, and overall experiences to choose from and I have loved every single one I have completed thus far. 

I will say that the most impactful series for me so far has been the Anxiety: Work it Out Series. Dr. Jarrod Spencer is a wealth of knowledge in regards to mental health and the complexities of anxiety. He provides practical tools and coping mechanisms that I was able to utilize and achieve success within my own life. 

What do you like most about iFIT?

Let me count the ways! I fell in love with iFIT after my very first workout. I started with John Peel’s Costa Rica Walking Series and I didn’t know that a beginner’s treadmill workout could leave me drenched in sweat! 

John was personable, engaging, and the workout challenged me without overwhelming me. I left that walking workout feeling successful and excited for the next one. I love that even as I am knocking on the door of my 100th iFIT workout, I am still excited for the next workout! 

The icing on the cake is my iFIT family! The iFIT community is the most supportive, engaging, and inspiring community around. I feel at home when I engage with fellow iFIT athletes. We each come from different backgrounds, experiences, and athletic abilities, but we are all bonded by the many wins we achieve through iFIT!

iFIT Member Enjoli Carter does a yoga workout

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