Mother’s Day with iFIT Trainer Elyse Miller

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From the iFIT Studio to her home gym and even French Polynesia, iFIT Trainer Elyse Miller is known for her toning and muscle-building workouts. Outside of her personal training career, she’s a mother of two young children! For Mother’s Day, we caught up with Elyse, who shared her motherhood experience with us.

iFIT Trainer Elyse Miller and her family

How do you balance your fitness career and being a mom? 

It’s a juggling act, but I wouldn’t change it! I like to include my kids in my work by bringing them along with me when I can. They’ve been able to travel quite a bit with me, which is awesome! 

When I’m teaching bootcamp classes back home, I often bring them with me to watch, join in (by doing their own version), or play with other kids while I’m training the mothers. I also try to get most of my prep work for classes done while I’m on breaks at the studio, so I can just focus on the family when I’m home.

iFIT Trainer Elyse Miller and her kids

Were you active when you were pregnant? If so, what kind of activity were you permitted to do?

Yes! I worked out until the day I delivered with both of my babies. Working out made me feel so much better. I was able to continue with my normal routine of running, cross training, and yoga throughout my pregnancy. 

Reflecting on post-pregnancy, what’s one piece of advice you’d give to new mothers who want to return to fitness?

You’re not being selfish by making time for yourself. I know you’re tired. I know motherhood is exhausting, but you will feel so much better mentally and physically when you make time to strengthen yourself and move your body, even if it’s only 10 minutes. You’ll be a better mom for it!

How do you encourage physical activity with your kids?

My kids are young—five and seven—so we are still in this awesome phase of shaping them and building their love for movement. We spend a lot of time outside, using the world as our “fun gym.” We go on hiking adventures and play tag. We also do things like climb rocks, paddleboard, ski, and swim. We love it all and encourage our kids to try everything.

What lessons do you hope to instill in them?

I want them to have a strong foundation of faith, family, and fitness. I want them to be confident about who they are. The world can be tough, but when you know you’re loved and supported no matter what, you can reach for the stars without fear.

I want them to know that persistence and hard work WILL pay off and that you can do anything when you just don’t stop!

What activities do you enjoy doing together?

I truly love it all, from just playing at home with toys and having a dance party to going on awesome adventures. One of my favorite activities is going stand-up paddleboarding with them. It’s so cute and fun to put them on our boards and paddle out to explore. We recently took the kids jet skiing for the first time, and it was incredible! They had smiles on their faces the entire time.

iFIT Trainer Elyse Miller and her kids go on outdoor adventures

How do you teach your kids about the importance of health and fitness?

I do this organically rather than sitting down having an official talk or rules. I tell them about the importance of moving our bodies, so we can be strong enough to do all the fun things we want to do. I want them to see exercise as making us stronger and better from the inside out.

We make sure we eat “nature food” (fruits and veggies) with each meal. I’ve taught them that too much sugar just makes you feel yucky. We talk about how we feel rather than our physical looks.

What’s your favorite memory with your children? 

Tickle fights and our nighttime kisses. I do three kisses and say, “Goodnight, God bless you, and sweet dreams.” Then, they get the number of kisses for every year they’ve been alive. They love it. It is so sweet.

What’s the most rewarding part of motherhood? 

Seeing what incredible human beings my children are becoming. I am so proud of who they are and could not be more thankful to be their mother.

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