Updated Feature: Mainstream Music On iFit Equipment

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We recently announced the return of mainstream music to your workouts. After introducing this feature to our members, we received feedback on ways to improve the experience. We’ve worked to make those updates a reality for you!

We know how important music can be to your workout experience, which is why we’ve partnered with to provide you the music you want to hear. We carefully curated two genres to go alongside your workout to help you stay motivated and focused.

iFit members can enjoy music for cardio, strength, and yoga workouts, as well as map-based and Live Workouts, too!

Here are the improvements we’re rolling out to music, starting December 29, 2020:

1. An ON and OFF feature

Don’t want to listen to music during your workout? Now, you can turn it off completely and remove the dialog box from your screen. To turn music off, simply tap your screen within a workout, then tap the “Music On Music Off” icon to turn music off. You can always turn it back on anytime you’d like.

2. Improved notifications on screen

Now, you’ll only see the notification on your screen at the beginning of your workout and each time there is a song change. This notification will automatically disappear from your screen shortly after it appears. There is no action required on your part for this feature update!

3. Easier access to volume controls

There are three types of music controls available on iFit-enabled equipment. You can control the master volume, music volume, and the trainer volume—all independently. To access these three controls, tap the screen during your workout, then tap on the volume mixer icon to adjust the volume in those three areas.

Playing music on your iFit-enabled machine:

iFit members have access to two radio stations:

  • An upbeat cardio station that plays during cardio and strength workouts to help you stay pumped and in the zone.
  • A calming yoga station that plays during stretching, yoga, and pilates workouts to keep you focused and relaxed.

Mainstream music is currently available on iFit equipment only.

At iFit, we’re always looking for ways to improve your workout experience and help you live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We look forward to feedback from our community to help us continue to improve upon our music feature!

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