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Quick, Indoor Workouts

Rebecca Sanders

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I think we’re all ready for winter to be over. I peek out my window every day to check and see if the sun is shining yet! While that elusive sun keeps disappointing me, I need to stay active, but between work, family, friends, and community activities, I don’t always have a lot of time. It’s tough for me to get out and join a group class, or sometimes, I’m just too worn out to want to do much more than binge my favorite television series in the evening. So if you’ve got the wintertime blues and don’t have a lot of time on your hands, here are some simple workouts you can do to stay active when you’re stuck inside.

Hot room yoga

At-Home Hot Room Yoga

Don’t have time to get out to a class? Turn up the thermostat and do your own hot room yoga! While this should be done with caution, it does provide a lot of health benefits. It can improve flexibility, reduce stress, give you a cardiovascular boost, nourish your skin, and even reduce your blood glucose levels. Be sure to check with your medical practitioner, stay hydrated, and stop if you feel lightheaded, dizzy, or nauseous.

Try this series with iFit Trainer Heather Jenson in Kauai. The workouts switch between yoga and hiking, so you can mix things up.

Indoor rock climbing

Friendly Competition

Making plans with friends? Instead of going out for dinner or drinks, plan a workout activity! Play racquetball, pickleball, or go indoor rock climbing. You’ll get in your workout and bond with your pals. It’ll also give you something to talk about, and…who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a new tradition for you to enjoy together weekly!

iFit workouts

iFit Workouts

And let’s not forget iFit workouts! You can always jump on your machine and do a quick workout. Here are a few workouts around 20 minutes that you can add to your schedule, so you don’t have to scroll through the workout library on those busy days!


City Run

City Run– Fujiyoshida, Japan with Ashley Paulson

Tunupa Salt Flats Recovery Walk

Tunupa Salt Flats Recovery Walk– Daniel Campos, Bolivia with Hannah Eden


Castell D'Olorda Ride

Castell d’Olorda Ride– Barcelona, Spain with Heather Jenson

Mount Currie Trail Ride

Mount Currie Trail Ride– Pemberton, British Columbia with Ryan Petry


Newcomer Weight Loss Series

Newcomer Weight Loss Series Workout 11 with Elyse Miller

Level Up Bootcamp Series

Level Up Bootcamp Series 8 with Jonnie Gale


500-meter Chase

500-Meter Chase– Lake Bled, Slovenia with Alex Gregory

Head of the Charles Race

Head of the Charles Race– Boston, Massachusetts with Mary Whipple

Remember, it’s all about consistency. Doing just a little workout every day is so much better than a strenuous, heavy workout once every few weeks!

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