Refresh and Reset: The Blank Slate Challenge

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Taking inspiration from the ancient philosophy of “tabula rasa,” this month’s Challenge is all about hitting the reset button on your fitness journey. If you’re looking to make a fresh start, this is the perfect Challenge for you!

Led by some of your favorite iFIT Trainers, the Blank Slate Challenge was created to help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions with calorie-burning, body-sculpting workouts from the tropics of Thailand to the iFIT Studio. Jog, ride, row, and build your strength as you start the New Year with a blank slate!

If you complete all of the workouts from your selected level for the Blank Slate Challenge by January 31, 2023, you’ll instantly earn an exclusive reward that will be viewable in your Trophy Case! Once you’ve completed the Challenge, you can download your shareable reward.

Here are this month’s Challenge levels:

Treadmill and elliptical workouts

Jogging: Fire up your weight loss goals in tropical Thailand with iFIT Trainer Stacie Clark for 12 incredible workouts, each under 40 minutes. Immerse yourself in Thailand’s breathtaking beaches, bustling cities, lush forests, and sacred sites as you strive toward your fitness goals!

Join the Blank Slate Challenge: Jogging

Bike workouts

Blank Slate Challenge - Bike

Amped Cycling: Ride longer and stronger while burning calories in Thailand with iFIT Trainer Richard Biglia! Embark on an adventure with 12 workouts, each under 40 minutes, as you explore the landscapes, culture, and history of the “land of a Thousand Smiles.” 

Join the Blank Slate Challenge: Amped Cycling

Rower workouts

Blank Slate Challenge - Rowing

Rowing: Hoist sail on your journey to total-body transformation with iFIT Trainer Toby Massenburg! These 6 rowing workouts in the iFIT Studio, each under 40 minutes, will boost your cardio endurance and muscular strength with intervals on your rower and cross-training exercises on your mat. 

Join the Blank Slate Challenge: Rowing

Strength workouts

Blank Slate Challenge - Strength

Strength: The key to building strength starts with a strong foundation! Join iFIT Trainer Kelsey Sheahan in the iFIT Studio for 16 workouts, under 40 minutes, focusing on your upper-, lower-, and total-body strength. Find your inner confidence and boost your full-body fitness. 

Join the Blank Slate Challenge: Strength

Digital reward

Blank Slate Challenge Digital Reward

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