Series Feature: 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon®

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Race through the 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon® with iFIT Trainer Casey Gilbert! You’ll run this historic marathon in 5 parts as Casey leads you along the course filled with historic and modern London monuments! You’ll get a view of the famous River Thames, the towering Shard building, the ominous Tower of London, and the legendary London Eye as you run through the streets of London. Casey also has a warm up and cool down workout to complement the race. So, lace up your shoes, grab some water, and let’s get moving!

About iFIT Trainer Casey Gilbert

Casey Field Gilbert is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and former Division I track and field hurdler from upstate New York. In 2017, he left his medical sales job to pursue his dream of becoming a fitness trainer, and never looked back. In his spare time, he loves running and exploring outside. His guilty pleasure? Candy. He claims, “If you bring an Airhead near me, it will not survive the day.”

About London

Known for its rich, storied history, London is one of the most beloved tourist destinations in the world. Thanks to its vibrant culture, incredible food scenes, and historic architecture, it’s a city begging to be explored. From the London Eye to the River Thames, you’ll explore these areas as you run each mile of this race with Casey by your side. 

About the workouts

Casey will coach you through the Virgin Money London Marathon® in five parts, along with a warm up and a cool down. You can complete the race at your own pace as you explore this historic, picturesque city together. Casey will provide plenty of encouragement and motivation along the way!

Excited to get started? Join the 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon®!

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