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Series Feature: Climbing to the Top

iFIT Team

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Ascend the legendary Haleakalā Volcano in breathtaking Maui, Hawaii during the Climbing to the Top Series with iFit Trainer George Hincapie!

About George

iFIT Trainer George Hincapie is a 19-year professional cyclist who has competed in the Tour de France 17 times and the Olympics 5 times. With his extensive cycling experience and passion for the sport, he’ll motivate and inspire you to go faster and climb higher than you ever have before!

iFit Series Feature: Climbing to the Top cycling classes

About Maui, Hawaii

Cycle up the incredible Haleakalā Volcano, located in beautiful Maui, Hawaii during this contemplative mindfulness workout. Enjoy unforgettable views of the Hawaiian landscape as you continue your ascent up this massive volcano.

iFit Climbing to the Top Series cycling workouts

About the workouts

During this 6-part cycling and mindfulness workout series, you’ll learn about the variety of obstacles George had to overcome on his journey of completing 17 Tour de France races and 5 Olympic Games. 

Each workout will focus on different aspects of mental resilience as George shares the little things that helped him get through tough times and the good moments that followed them. By the end of this great series, you’ll have climbed up 10,000 ft, pedaled through some amazing microclimates, and learned how to be more mindful with yourself and your journey.  

You can support your experience with our printable worksheets, created by our trainers. Each worksheet features writing prompts to help you work through various iFIT Mind™ topics. 

About iFit Mind

iFit Mind: Mindfulness, Meditation, and Movement classes

iFit Mind offers unique, groundbreaking content that expands the definition of what it means to work out. You’ll learn from experts in both physical and mental training to help you become the best version of yourself through mindfulness, meditation, and movement. 

iFit Series Feature: Climbing to the Top bike workouts

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