Series Feature: Costa Rica Transformative Yoga Series

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Heal your body and mind within serene jungles in the Costa Rica Transformative Yoga Series with iFIT Trainer Thalia Ayres Randolph!

About iFIT Trainer Thalia Ayres Randolph

Thalia Ayres Randolph is a multidisciplinary healer. Through yoga, Taoism, shamanism, and other spiritual practices, she empowers individuals to find their individual light. She believes that finding personal enlightenment is a human birthright and therefore inspires her clients to transform into the best version of themselves through mindful practices. She emphasizes that one must look within themselves to understand how they can reshape the world around them.

iFIT Trainer Thalia Ayres Randolph coaches a yoga workout

About Costa Rica 

This transformative yoga workout series will take you on a mindful getaway to the tropical terrains of Costa Rica. Each session will immerse you in lively landscapes with unique characteristics, from exotic wildlife to majestic volcanoes. Costa Rica is known for its national parks, such as Manuel Antonio National Park, as well as its heavenly coastal beaches and exotic wildlife. 

This series will guide you through some of the most tranquil landscapes in Central America. You’ll relax both your body and mind as you find your ground within yourself and this tropical realm.

Explore Costa Rica in iFIT's Costa Rica Transformative Yoga Series

About the workouts 

Thalia Ayres Randolph will guide you through a total of 6 yoga workouts in this series. Each workout will tune you into awareness as you flow through various yoga poses with different levels of movement—from power yoga and mental balance to slow flow and intuition. You’ll experience the natural and serene lifestyle of a Costa Rican as you transform both your body and mind.

About iFIT Mind™

iFIT Mind offers unique, groundbreaking content that expands the definition of what it means to work out. Rooted in holistic, interactive, personalized training, iFIT Mind is invested in your life. We curate diverse content to infuse iFIT’s complete approach to all aspects of wellness. You’ll learn from mind and body experts to help you become the best version of yourself through mindfulness, meditation, and movement. Join us for iFIT Mind workouts to make meaningful, sustainable change in your life. 

iFit Mind: Mindfulness, Meditation, and Movement exercises

You can support your experience with our printable worksheets, created by our trainers. Each worksheet features writing prompts to help you work through various iFIT Mind topics. 

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