Series Feature: Dynamic Interval Series

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Become a better athlete in the Dynamic Interval Series for elliptical with iFIT Trainer Elyse Miller. Elyse will challenge you through workouts designed to increase your strength and endurance. You’re sure to finish this series a stronger athlete than when you started!   

About iFIT Trainer Elyse Miller

Elyse has worked as a personal trainer for almost 20 years. In fact, her first job was working in a gym! In high school, she was a cheerleader and she ran track, which fostered her love of all things fitness. She’s always on the go and can’t sit still, and loves to encourage others to seek out fitness and strength in their lives. 

About the iFIT Studio 

With your iFIT Trainer cheering you on, incredible music, and focused workouts, the iFIT Studio delivers the energy of a studio workout directly to you, whenever and wherever you are!

About the workout

In this 16-part series, you’ll develop your overall strength and stamina through speed, hill, heavy resistance, and interval workouts. Elyse will lead you to the next level, and even show you how to use an elliptical for more than just running!

Ready to get started? Join the Dynamic Interval Series now!

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