Series Feature: Bhutan: Secrets of Happiness

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Imagine pedaling through Bhutan with iFIT Trainer John Peel, where every turn reveals a harmony of ancient culture, untouched landscapes, and happiness you can feel. 

Recharge your fitness and join John in Bhutan: Secrets of Happiness. This new series is set against the backdrop of the historic Silk Road, immersed in Mahayana Buddhism culture and Gross National Happiness, the legislative philosophy that guides Bhutan’s commitment to collective well-being. 

We also got the scoop from John about his experience filming this series and making this journey as fulfilling as possible.  

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Read on to learn more, and let’s explore the last Shangri-La together!

About Bhutan: Secrets of Happiness

John Peel Q&A

Bhutan merchandise FAQs

Bhutan: Secrets of Happiness

About the workouts

Bhutan: Secrets of Happiness with iFIT Trainer John Peel features 10 interval and endurance rides, alternated to ensure a balanced progression and avoid plateaus.

iFIT Trainer John Peel rides a bike past vertical white flags in Bhutan.

About Bhutan

Hidden within the breathtaking Himalayas, Bhutan blends untouched natural beauty and a deeply rooted cultural heritage. Here, landscapes painted with lush green valleys and towering peaks are as compelling as the centuries-old traditions that shape the daily lives of the Bhutanese people. 

In Bhutan, every view is a masterpiece on a journey of personal discovery.

Prayer flags overlook a Bhutanese valley.

Workout highlights

  • Intermediate workouts
  • 10 workouts
  • Average workout duration: About 30 minutes
  • Available on bikes
Bhutan: Secrets of Happiness series highlights.

John Peel Q&A

John, Bhutan is known for its commitment to Gross National Happiness. How does this unique philosophy play a role in your new series?

John: Gross National Happiness is not only the most important focus of Bhutan and representation of its culture, but it was our most important guideline while being there. It references so many areas of life, but when it’s stacked against fitness – it goes hand in hand. This series will give you a detailed insight into the Bhutanese way of life and prove to you why staying positive under any circumstances can change your mindset in so many ways.”

iFIT Trainer John Peel rides his bike past a white and gold monument in Bhutan.

Biking in Bhutan can be challenging. Before iFIT members get started, what tips or recommendations would you give them?

John:Bhutan was not only beautiful beyond belief but also high up in the Himalayas, which meant we were in for heavy altitude and lots of inclines. We had to dig deep into some of these workouts. Coming into each workout with a positive and confident mindset is important, along with knowing you’ll be challenged – but also changed. Attack each workout and enjoy the ride because this might be the most beautiful landscape we have ever been to together.”

Were there any lessons you took away from exploring Bhutanese culture?

John:High up in the mountains, we had the privilege of visiting a monk who has lived there most of his life. He showed us a glimpse into his everyday life and that you can find happiness in any situation through meditation, calmness, and a willingness to commit. It doesn’t matter if you live in the hustle and bustle of a big city, or by yourself, high above the clouds in the Himalayas. You can always find a way to happiness by allowing yourself to sit back, assess, and be patient. Everything about this experience was life-changing for me, and I’m excited for our iFIT Community to get a chance to experience it, too.”

iFIT Trainer John Peel stands in front of Bhutanese architecture.

To learn more about John and his journey, follow him and iFIT on Instagram!

Bhutan merchandise FAQs

What is iFIT’s Bhutan merchandise?

iFIT’s Bhutan Merchandise is a first-of-its-kind collection celebrating our adventures in Bhutan. Explore our exclusive gear available for purchase in the iFIT Shop from November 1 until November 30, 2023. Please note that these items are not available to international iFIT members. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

When is the deadline to order iFIT Bhutan merchandise?

The deadline to place your order in the iFIT Shop is Thursday, November 30, 2023.

When can I expect my items to arrive?

Your items are expected to arrive within 4 – 6 weeks after the November 30 deadline.

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