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Explore Heart Rate Training with the ActivePulse™ Training Series

iFIT Team

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When it comes to a customized, interactive workout experience, it doesn’t get better than heart rate training. Our new, groundbreaking feature called ActivePulse uses your heart rate to personalize your workout. It’s the newest way to experience an interactive, personalized experience with iFit. 

What is ActivePulse? 

ActivePulse is iFit’s first heart rate training feature, designed for users who want to get the most out of their workouts. With ActivePulse turned on and a Bluetooth®-enabled heart rate monitor connected to your treadmill, the intensity of your workout will be automatically adjusted, based on your target heart rate zone. You will automatically be sped up or slowed down in order to maintain the ideal heart rate zone for your workout. This includes recovery, speed, or strength runs!

Ready to explore ActivePulse? Try the ActivePulse Training Series!

If you’re ready to try this new feature and put heart rate training to work for you, join the ActivePulse Training Series that covers all the basics of ActivePulse and heart rate training as you explore beautiful San Diego. 

Filmed in 2019, this six-part program is led by iFit Trainer Tommy Rivers Puzey. Together, you’ll run through San Diego as you learn how to use the ActivePulse feature. You’ll also learn about the five heart rate zones, cardiac drift, and how your heart responds to stress. As you explore different zones, Tommy will continue to adjust your workout in order to set the perfect intensity for your fitness level.

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