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Get to Know Some of Your iFit Trainers!

Dorothy Hudson

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iFit Trainers lead you in workouts, push you to do your best, and encourage you when you’re feeling tired. In fact, they’re with you every step of the way in your personal fitness journey. But, how do you find the right one for you? Keep reading to find out!

Our iFit Trainers

Indeed, the right iFit Trainer can either make working out feel fun and exciting, or like a chore you have to do every day. That is why we try our best to find the best possible diverse range of trainers and guides to keep you motivated and eager. We seek out talented individuals in the fitness industry who have a variety of knowledge on health and exercise. From nutrition to sports to mental health, we want our iFit Trainers to teach you something new in every workout and be someone that you would love to hang out with!

This means that we are constantly seeking out a variety of people in the health and fitness world. We seek out doctors, mental conditioning experts, professional athletes, and even knowledgeable tour guides to bring you the best fitness content possible. Health is not limited to just exercise and we want our iFit Trainers to reflect that. Our iFit Trainers reflect the diverse knowledge needed to live a happy, and healthy, lifestyle. 

Find the iFit Trainer for You!

If you’re looking for a great workout and a fun time….

Look no further than iFit Trainer Pearl Fu! With a long career in fundraising for Congress members, Pearl has a variety of life stories to keep you entertained as you sweat. She strongly believes that working out should not be boring or monotonous and that fitness is a great way to connect with others and exchange stories. Her workouts are fun, visually entertaining, and sure to get you moving and feeling good! Check out our Live Workout Schedule to see when you can catch Pearl pedaling away!

If you want to jumpstart your running journey….

iFit Trainer Knox Robinson can get you ready to run! Whether you’re an avid runner or just starting out, Knox will help you incorporate running into your lifestyle. Growing up watching his father race, Knox has always viewed running as a part of life, not a chore. His videos will help you change your mindset on running and start viewing it as an integral part of life. Check out his Run Your First 5K Series to get started or join him for a full 5K in his Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Trail 5K Series!

If you’re looking to feel energized….

Tune in to one of iFit Trainer Tennille Boseman’s live workouts! Tennille grew up surrounded by dance and fitness, so movement means a lot to her. She loves using her workout classes to get people feeling inspired and motivated to do their best. When she guides a class, you’ll feel recharged and ready to take on any workout. Her classes are sure to get your heart pumping and your spirit feeling good! Check out our Live Workout Schedule to see when Tennille will be on!

If you’re looking for motivation….

iFit Trainer Alex Gregory is here to inspire you! As a professional rower with a World Best time, five World Championship titles, and two Olympic Gold medals, Alex knows what it takes to be a winner. The eight years before he found success, Alex was faced with numerous disasters and failures. However, his love and dedication to his sport are what pushed him through his hardships. Keeping in mind that everyone’s fitness goals are different, Alex loves to share his tips, tricks, and thoughts on how to stay motivated and keep your workout routine fresh! Try something new with his 20 Minutes To Toned Rowing Series in Slovenia and Portugal or walk with him in his Lake District National Park Series

If you’re looking to train like a professional athlete….

iFit Trainer John Wessling can give you all the tips you need! John regularly trains and mentors professional athletes for national and international championships in a wide variety of sports. While you do not have to be a professional to follow his fitness programs, John believes that everyone can strive to be as healthy and fit as the athletes he trains. His workouts focus on cardio, strength, and flexibility to make you as successful and well-rounded as possible. Get to cycling in John’s Glacier National Park Climbing Series!

If you’re looking to get inspired….

iFit Trainer Kelsey Sheahan is here to ignite your fitness fire! Having been a cheerleader throughout college, Kelsey knows how to share her passion and energy for fitness with others. She loves leading endorphin-boosting workouts such as cardio, HIIT, and Tabata, and she incorporates her dance background to make exercising even more fun. After one of her workouts, you’re sure to feel inspired to take control of your health and fitness and reach for the sky! Join Kelsey in her Adriatic Sea Interval Series, which takes you all through Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro! 

If you’re looking to change up your workout routine…

Brave the spirits and follow iFit Guide Dalen Spratt in his eerie, walking tours! While these walks are low-impact, your heart will stay pumping as Dalen leads you through spooky churches, hotels, and forts. Born and raised in Dallas with a religious upbringing from his pastor mother, Dalen has a strong belief in a higher power which guides how he investigates the supernatural. He’s adventurous and bold when exploring the paranormal, and will keep you on your toes as you walk. Face your fears in Dalen’s Haunted Bayou Series in New Orleans! 

If you’re looking to train your mind….

iFit Guide Trevor Moawad has the program for you! A renowned mental conditioning expert, Trevor knows how much the right mindset can affect your physical performance. He is a strategic advisor to some of the world’s most elite performers, and he shares his tips for staying mentally sharp in low-impact walks. His knowledge will help you get into the right mindset to not only take the next step in your fitness journey, but also help you think about life differently. Get to conditioning your mind in Trevor’s It Takes What It Takes Series all about working on your mind and body!

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