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Your iFit membership gives you so much more than access to countless heart-pumping workouts, opportunities to explore the world from home, and programs that help you create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As an iFit member, you also instantly become part of an inspiring and supportive community! 

Whether you’re looking for daily motivation, ideas on the next series you should jump into, or sweaty selfies, here are some of the best ways to connect with people like you within the iFit community:


Hop on the iFit Instagram page to connect with your favorite trainers, discover the latest features, and be the first to learn about new series. Check out our Instagram stories to find out about the week’s upcoming Live Workout schedule or to get an exclusive peek at where in the world your trainers are filming their next workouts.


The iFit Facebook page highlights the newest workout series in the iFit Library. Get detailed insight on upcoming Live Workouts, app features, and Challenges.

Join the Official iFit Member Page to connect and interact with other iFit members around the world. Share motivating stories, find new followers, and make plans to jump on Live Workouts together. iFit Trainers and crew also use the Member Page to interact with the community and announce upcoming features, exciting contests, and brand-new Global Workouts and Studio Classes.


Follow iFit on Twitter for quick updates on Live Workout schedules and upcoming series. Get the scoop on monthly challenges, app updates, and more—directly from the iFit crew.


The iFit Pinterest page is a comprehensive resource for all things exercise and nutrition. Check out the iFit Destinations board to view breathtaking photos of Global Workout locales. The iFit Nutrition board is loaded with healthy and delicious recipe ideas, and you can use the iFit Support board to get your app questions answered. 


Curious about a new series? Want to learn more about a trainer’s background? Not sure if you’re performing a workout move correctly? The iFit YouTube channel is the place to go for Global Workout trailers, trainer biographies, workout move demonstrations, and more.

Take advantage of all iFit has to offer and be a part of the community by connecting on one (or all) of these platforms today!

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