Join Us for the Live Cupid’s Undie Run Race

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Team up with your iFIT Trainer Jonnie Gale in Washington, D.C. to participate in this 1.6-mile run! Your outfit is up to you – go with a fun theme or stick to your usual running gear.

You can get a jumpstart on Valentine’s Day with this exciting run. To learn more about this race, one of many held throughout the United States, you can visit the Cupid’s Undie Run website.

Meet iFIT Trainer Jonnie Gale

Jonnie Gale has had a passion for fitness and athletics since he was young. After playing nearly every sport up until high school, he went on to receive an athletic scholarship to Weber State University, where he ran track and field. After college, he continued his rigorous fitness regime, primarily focusing on weight and speed training. That’s when he decided he wanted to help others train at an elite level. 

How it works

On Saturday, February 12 at 2 p.m. ET, join Jonnie Gale on your iFIT-enabled treadmill, elliptical, or the iFIT app on your smartphone or tablet. 

This is your race, so set a pace that’s comfortable for you. This 1.6-mile run is perfect for all runners, from beginners to seasoned athletes! A few days after you’ve participated in the Live Race, you’ll receive an email with your digital reward.

The Live Cupid’s Undie Run will be posted in the iFIT Library a few days after the event, so you can revisit the fun whenever you’d like! 

Joining the Live Race

Join us for the Cupid’s Undie Run by tapping the “Live” icon on your iFIT-enabled treadmill, elliptical, or in the iFIT app. Join 10 minutes ahead of the start time, then scan the QR code to ask Jonnie your pre-race questions. He might just answer them on the run!

Race Bib

Download and print your race bib

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