Series Feature: Pines to Peaks Part 6: Colorado

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Embark on a breathtaking journey with iFIT Trainer Hannah Eden in Pines to Peaks Part 6: Colorado. The final chapter in the series offers 10 intermediate hiking and jogging workouts set against Colorado’s stunning landscapes. 

From the Rockies to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and more, each workout, under 30 minutes, promises skill enhancement and spectacular views. Plus, don’t miss our exclusive Q&A with Hannah. Get ready to explore, progress, and be mesmerized by the natural wonders of the Centennial State!

Pines to Peaks Part 6: Colorado

Hannah Eden Q&A

Pines to Peaks Collection

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Pines to Peaks Part 6: Colorado

About the workouts

Hannah leads you through 10 intermediate hikes and jogs, each crafted to enhance your abilities in under 30 minutes. These workouts will boost both your strength and endurance, set against the backdrop of Colorado’s stunning natural landscapes.

About Colorado

Explore Colorado’s grandeur, from the towering Rockies to the mysterious Black Canyon. Its diverse landscapes, rich in natural beauty, provide a perfect setting for exciting hiking and jogging experiences.

Workout highlights

  • Intermediate workouts
  • 10 workouts
  • Average workout duration: 30 minutes or less
  • Available on treadmills and ellipticals

Hannah Eden Q&A

How has leading our members from beginner to intermediate levels while exploring America’s Western National Parks been personally or professionally fulfilling?

Hannah: “I love the mountains and the outdoors. This project allowed me to learn about the locations we visited and immerse myself in nature, my happy place. Aligning fitness and nature helped me create some of my best work. It was a dream year of challenge, growth, love, and ‘firsts.’”

Of all the locations you visited in California, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado, do you have a favorite memory or spot that resonated with you?

Hannah: “Glacier National Park, Mount Grinnell, and Maroon Bells in Colorado were magical. The first snowfall at Maroon Bells and the unexpected eruption of a Geyser in Yellowstone during filming were unforgettable. Nature’s beauty is truly fascinating.”

How has this Series influenced your training philosophy and approach to fitness? Has it led to any new insights into how you approach coaching iFIT members?

Hannah: Training can be so much fun by working out in incredible places. The locations enhance the training experience, making it more enjoyable than just staring at a blank screen.”

What advice would you give to iFIT members to keep up their hiking motivation and progression after completing this series?

Hannah: “I suggest committing to another challenging series. Having a plan with a start and end date helps maintain consistency and shows why and where you’re going. Intentional training is key to growth.”

To learn more about Hannah and her journey, follow her and iFIT on Instagram!

Pines to Peaks Collection

Experience the entire Pines to Peaks Series with iFIT Trainers Paulo Barreto and Hannah Eden, improving your hiking skills and endurance across California, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado.

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