Post-Pregnancy Treadmill Workout: Hills

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Being a new momma is a busy job! With so many different stressors pulling you a million directions, it can be hard to find time to get in a calorie-blasting workout. Whether you just had your first baby, you’re working off leftover pregnancy weight, or simply need a way to burn calories fast, this is the workout for you!

Treadmills have a bad reputation for being high impact, which can be intimidating when your body has had so many recent changes. No need to fear! During this workout, we’ll keep the speeds low and the inclines moderate.

There are two terms that we’ll use throughout this post that you might not be familiar with:

Comfortable pace: A speed you can maintain for 20-30 minutes, straight. At this pace, you should be able to easily talk in full sentences.

Challenging pace: A speed you can maintain for 30-90 seconds, straight. At this pace, you should only be able to talk 1-2 words at a time.

Since this is a hill workout, your pace may be a little slower than you’re used to. However, walking —- doesn’t mean you’re taking a break or taking it easy in this workout.

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