Series Feature: Anxiety: Work It Out

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Step into gentle walks around the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda with your iFIT Guide and sports psychologist Dr. Jarrod Spencer! 

About iFIT Guide Dr. Jarrod Spencer

iFIT Guide Dr. Jarrod Spencer is a sports psychologist, speaker, and author, committed to improving the emotional health of athletes. He also serves as the sports psychologist for several NCAA teams, including Princeton University, Lehigh University, and the University of Maryland. He has been featured in USA Today, New York Daily News, and on ESPN Radio, as well. 

iFit Guide Dr. Jarrod Spencer

About Antigua and Barbuda

Visit the turquoise waters at the Devil’s Bridge National Park, the calming shores of Galley Bay Beach, the sweeping views at the iconic and towering Pillars of Hercules, the lush green hills of the Shekerley Mountains, and more as Dr. Spencer helps you work it out.

iFit Anxiety: Work It Out Series

About the workouts

This series is all about discussing different forms of anxiety, how to manage anxiety, how to help others with anxiety, and how to deal with anxiety in your life. Dr. Spencer will guide you through gentle walks around the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda as he shares his knowledge on anxiety and the best practices to cope with it so you can become more knowledgeable on this pervasive feeling. 

iFit Anxiety: Work It Out Series walking and mindfulness workouts

About iFIT Mind™

iFit Mind offers unique, groundbreaking content that expands the definition of what it means to work out. You’ll learn from experts in both physical and mental training to help you become the best version of yourself through mindfulness, meditation, and movement. 

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You can support your experience with our printable worksheets, created by our trainers. Each worksheet features writing prompts to help you work through various iFIT Mind™ topics. 

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