Series Feature: Trails to Trees Part 6: Colorado

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Join the exciting finale of the Trails to Trees Series with Trails to Trees Part 6: Colorado. Led by iFIT Trainer Hannah Eden, this installment offers six intermediate cycling workouts set in Colorado’s majestic vistas. 

Each ride, under 30 minutes, traverses stunning terrains like the Rockies and Black Canyon, focusing on refining cycling skills and endurance. Plus, don’t miss our exclusive Q&A with Hannah and the Pines to Peaks Collection, featuring all six parts of the Pines to Peaks Series. Get ready to pedal through scenic routes, elevate your cycling technique, and enjoy the captivating adventure of Colorado’s natural beauty.

Trails to Trees Part 6: Colorado

Hannah Eden Q&A

Trails to Trees Collection

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Trails to Trees Part 6: Colorado

About the workouts

Hannah guides you through six intermediate cycling workouts, each under 30 minutes. Traverse Colorado’s diverse landscapes and focus on enhancing your cycling skills and endurance while surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

About Colorado

Immerse in Colorado’s natural wonders, where the Rockies’ peaks and Black Canyon’s depths create a stunning backdrop for cycling adventures, blending physical challenge with the quiet beauty of nature.

Workout highlights

  • Intermediate workouts
  • 6 workouts
  • Average workout duration: 30 minutes or less
  • Available on bikes

Hannah Eden Q&A

How has leading our members from beginner to intermediate levels while exploring America’s Western National Parks been personally or professionally fulfilling?

​​Hannah: “Living and working on the road, experiencing these natural wonders, was a dream come true. It allowed me to combine my love for fitness with my passion for the outdoors.”

Of all the locations you visited in California, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado, do you have a favorite memory or spot that resonated with you?

Hannah: “Experiencing the diversity of America’s National Parks, from the serene beauty of the mountains to the exhilarating trails, was a highlight for me. Each location brought its own unique and memorable moments.”

How has this Series influenced your training philosophy and approach to fitness? Has it led to any new insights into how you approach coaching iFIT members?

Hannah: “Being in nature while training has reinforced the idea of fitness as an adventure, not just a routine. It’s about exploring new places and pushing boundaries, both physically and mentally.”

What advice would you give to iFIT members to keep up their biking motivation and progression after completing this series?

Hannah: “Keep exploring new challenges and setting goals. Whether it’s cycling or a mix of activities, find what excites you and pursue it with passion and consistency.”

To learn more about Hannah and her journey, follow her and iFIT on Instagram!

Trails to Trees Collection

Boost your cycling skills with the complete Trails to Trees Series, led by iFIT Trainers Paulo Barreto and Hannah Eden, exploring scenic sites across California, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado.

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