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7 Continents, 7 Workout Series!

Rebecca Sanders

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I always get the travel itch around the holidays. Whether I’m craving the experience of magical gingerbread-scented snow that falls in Disneyland or I need to escape the bad weather to a tropical locale, I get the winter blues if I don’t have a plane ticket in my hand around the holidays.

It’s not always feasible, and of course I also love spending the holidays with my family, but a way for me to escape when the weather outside is frightful is on my treadmill!

Our workout film crews travel the world to discover the most thrilling locations to bring to your home gym. They’ve actually filmed on all seven continents! So if you need a mini getaway during the holidays, schedule any of these treadmill or elliptical workouts to experience once-in-a-lifetime destination locations.


Although this series starts out in Portugal, Tommy Rivers will also lead you through the streets of Morocco in the final few weeks of this thrilling program.


Join Betina Gozo as she guides you across the continent that has captured the attention of the most intrepid explorers and travelers for centuries.


Salih Batkin will lead you Turkey as you tour the Grand Bazaar spice markets and Turkish rug stores while he teaches you all about this country’s rich history!


Build cardiorespiratory strength and endurance with Lucy Bartholomew as you adventure through Sydney, Victoria, and Tasmania!


Explore the coastline of the Adriatic Sea with Kelsey Sheahan as she coaches you through interval workouts in Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro.

North America

Along with Ben Seale, you’ll witness the majestic mountains, dense forests, stunning lakes, beautiful glaciers, and breathtaking waterfalls of the Last Frontier: Alaska!

South America

Discover Peru one interval at a time with Idalis Velasquez. Run, hike, and walk in iconic locations, including Machu Picchu, Colca Canyon, and the Sacred Valley.

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