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7 Tips for the Perfect Post-race Photo

iFit Team

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If you’re going to put in the time, training, and dedication to running a race, then you deserve all the bragging rights once you cross that finish line. And the perfect way to share your post-race glory? A pic on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter of course!

As a social media guru, these are my seven tips to get the perfect post-race photo:

1. Check the lighting.

The most important part to a good photo is the lighting. And you don’t need to be a photographer to get it right. Just note where the sun is and the direction that looks best on your camera. For example, if your back is to the sun, your photo will most likely appear backlit. Try taking your photos in a shady area, rather than in direct sunlight.

2. Frame the shot.

Figure out what you want in the picture. Is there a spot with a cool view or maybe a sweet backdrop at the race? Utilize the scenery around you to really capture the moment. It’ll add details about your experience that you might forget. And remember to hold up your medal!

3. Edit your photo.

Stick to adjusting only the brightness, contrast, and saturation levels. A little bit of each can go a long way. If you use a filter, lessen the intensity to avoid looking over-edited. Personally, I love editing with VSCO, Instagram, or the iPhone photo editor.

4. Make it fun.

Strike a pose, do a boomerang, or make a video of how you felt throughout the race. These things may seem silly in the moment, but you’ll love looking back on them.

5. Ask a stranger.

I think we’ve all taken a picture for a stranger at some point in our lives. It’s just the day and age we live in—we’re all about the photos. I’ve never been turned down asking someone, but I have been too nervous to ask “the right person” a handful of times. So don’t be shy, ask away!

6. Get your gang together.

Whether you made new friends at the race or your usual squad is cheering you on from the sidelines, don’t forget to take a group photo with your pals at the end.

7. Get a photo crossing the finish line.

Ask a friend or family member to snap a photo of you crossing the finish line. It doesn’t need to be set up or perfect, just something you can remember the memory by.

Don’t forget to tag @ifit and #ifit on all your photos! We’d love to see where your training takes you.

Hannah Mann

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