Series Feature: Bhutan: The Journey Within

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Recharge your fitness and step into Bhutan with iFIT Trainer Casey Gilbert and iFIT Guide Kenton Cool. Hike and jog to better health and peace of mind in Bhutan: The Journey Within. 

This new iFIT series combines majestic landscapes nestled amidst the Himalayas, rich culture, and a deep sense of calm thanks to Gross National Happiness, the legislative philosophy that makes Bhutan a haven where well-being and spiritual harmony reign supreme. 

We also got the scoop from Casey about his experience filming this series and his expert tips on maximizing your workouts and making this journey as fulfilling as possible.  

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Read on to learn more, and let’s explore the last Shangri-La together!

About Bhutan: The Journey Within

Casey Gilbert and Kenton Cool Q&A

Bhutan merchandise FAQs

Bhutan: The Journey Within

About the workouts

Bhutan: The Journey Within features 10 hikes with iFIT Guide Kenton Cool, and interval jogs with iFIT Trainer Casey Gilbert, offering a balance of effort and active recovery.

iFIT Trainer Casey Gilbert and iFIT Guide Kenton Cool sit with Buddhist monks in Bhutan.

About Bhutan

Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, Bhutan whispers tales of ancient monarchs and sacred rituals. Here, lush valleys and snow-capped peaks contrast with ornate monasteries and ancient fortresses. 

Stepping into Bhutan is like turning the pages of a living history book, where each chapter reveals a culture deeply rooted in Buddhist principles and harmony with nature.

View of the Tiger's Nest in Bhutan

Workout highlights

  • Intermediate workouts
  • 10 workouts
  • Average workout duration: About 30 minutes
  • Available on treadmills and ellipticals
Bhutan: The Journey Within series highlights

Casey Gilbert Q&A

Casey, Bhutan is renowned for its commitment to Gross National Happiness. How have you incorporated this into your new series?

Casey: “Bhutan was an incredibly eye-opening journey for both Kenton and me. We let our guard down and tried to be fully open to experiencing the culture and ethos of Gross National Happiness. He and I have both been focused on our careers and pursuing “success” in a way that sometimes might not prioritize happiness first. But for an entire country to measure success based on happiness first was inspiring! iFIT members will have a firsthand view of how Kenton and I dove into what Bhutan’s philosophies meant to them, and how they impacted us. We designed the journey to be just that, a JOURNEY. It became an emotional and physical trek through one of the most unique places we had ever experienced, and I truly will never forget the experience.”

Is there any advice or tips you can give to our iFIT members to make the most of their Bhutanese adventure?

Casey: For this series, it’s all in the HIPS! I would advise our iFIT members to focus on hip mobility and stability before this series or between workouts. We will encounter a lot of climbing, and the elevation adds up. Hip mobility, ankle and foot strength, and endurance will be key. So don’t be afraid to take some time to loosen up before hopping on your machine, and just be happy you’re not doing the series at the elevation we were. Most of Bhutan is at or above 10,000 feet above sea level, and you’ll probably notice that I’m a bit more winded than usual in this series!”

iFIT Trainer Casey Gilbert walks in a Bhutanese forest.

Kenton Cool Q&A

Kenton, Bhutan’s emphasis on Gross National Happiness is unique among national priorities. How did this philosophy influence your work on this series?

Kenton: “Gross National Happiness influenced every footstep, movement, and interaction that I and the entire iFIT team had. The Bhutanese people are much more open to collaboration, community, conversation, and sharing what they have, both materialistically and spiritually, with those around them. Whether you are an adventure tourist visiting sites like Tiger’s Nest or, like us, going off the beaten track, interacting with monks, and going up to remote villages, Gross National Happiness is constantly there in a subtle and enveloping manner. We came back as elevated individuals, walking a little bit taller, more grounded, more grateful, and more humble for what we had experienced. I hope this series brings you a sense of serenity and maybe influences you to one day travel to Bhutan, and immerse yourself in this ancient philosophy.”

Can you anticipate any transformative insights from this series for iFIT members embarking on this journey through Bhutan with you?

Kenton: “ uniquely combines the Bhutanese Himalayas’ beauty, culture, and spiritual heritage. It’s a departure from the norm, offering a glimpse into a life less focused on the material and more on deeper, often overlooked aspects of existence. It invites reflection on personal purpose and life meaning, sparking questions that viewers will be compelled to explore. This series, blending ancient philosophy and rich landscapes with physical well-being, aims to offer a comprehensive transformation that extends beyond the physical into the spiritual, making it not just a fitness journey but a holistic experience of enrichment. Everyone at home looking for something different, something that will push them both on a physical and a spiritual level, is what makes this series so special.”

iFIT Guide Kenton Cool stands in front of the Himalayan Mountains in Bhutan.

To learn more, follow Casey, Kenton, and iFIT on Instagram!

Bhutan merchandise FAQs

What is iFIT’s Bhutan merchandise?

iFIT’s Bhutan Merchandise is a first-of-its-kind collection celebrating our adventures in Bhutan. Explore our exclusive gear available for purchase in the iFIT Shop from November 1 until November 30, 2023. Please note that these items are not available to international iFIT members. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

When is the deadline to order iFIT Bhutan merchandise?

The deadline to place your order in the iFIT Shop is Thursday, November 30, 2023.

When can I expect my items to arrive?

Your items are expected to arrive within 4 – 6 weeks after the November 30 deadline.

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