Boston Marathon® Athlete: Amy Mast-Morris

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As we gear up for the excitement of the Boston Marathon®, we’re highlighting each of the athletes our team chose to head to Beantown! We received so many heartfelt stories from applicants, and it was excruciatingly difficult to only pick 13. Each story truly inspired us, and we think they’ll inspire you too! While we’re still weeks out from the race, we wanted to share each person’s story before the big day. 

With a true love for running (so much so she incorporated it into her wedding!), iFIT member Amy Mast-Morris has spent the last decade training for marathons and even encouraging others to take the leap. She’s now one of our 13 making her way to the Boston Marathon®!

iFIT Member Amy-Mast-Morris

Amy’s story

For over a decade, running has been a part of my life. Through iFIT, I’ve met some of the greatest friends I could ever ask for. My first date with my husband was a running date, and we even had a running theme for our wedding! I’ve even coached other runners into running their first marathon. Running allows me to escape from everything going on in my life and focus on clearing my mind. 

When the pandemic hit and everything closed, I really had to turn to running. I’m a teacher and was teaching from home while managing my own two kids with their homework. Without the gym, I needed an outlet to focus on my mental health. That’s when I turned to running more than ever before. For my 40th birthday, I trained and ran a 40K with my best friend. A month later, we ran a marathon together. Due to snowy conditions, we borrowed two treadmills to continue training and ran the marathon together in my garage. It was soon after this that I bought my own treadmill and started doing iFIT running workouts. 

The Boston Marathon® is a race that is viewed so highly in the running community. I am not a speedy runner and don’t feel like I could ever qualify, but any runner would say that running the Boston Marathon® would be a dream come true. Being a runner isn’t about time. It’s about doing something for yourself and realizing what your body is capable of. In a time where this rollercoaster of a pandemic is bringing people down mentally, I’m so thankful that I can turn to running. 

iFIT Member Amy-Mast-Morris finishes a race

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