Boston Marathon® Athlete: Chance Potter

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As we gear up for the excitement of the Boston Marathon®, we’re highlighting each of the athletes our team chose to head to Beantown! We received so many heartfelt stories from applicants, and it was excruciatingly difficult to only pick 13. Each story truly inspired us, and we think they’ll inspire you too! While we’re still weeks out from the race, we wanted to share each person’s story before the big day. 

iFIT member Chance Potter’s dream of running the Boston Marathon® is coming full circle this year! To make this iconic race even more special, Chance is running Boston alongside his best friend, who helped him realize his passion for the sport.

iFIT Member Chance Potter

Chance’s story

I’m sure that most people who run a marathon probably remember the moment when they first decided to try to run one. I remember mine. It was 2019, and I had flown from Colorado to watch my best friend run the Boston Marathon®. I was a relatively new runner that had run a few 5Ks and just started training for my first half marathon. My friend got me into running several months earlier while I was battling depression. With his encouragement, he helped me out of a dark place and started me on a journey to a healthier and happier me. 

After leaving the expo where my friend picked up his race packet, we went sightseeing along Boylston Street. There was so much energy and excitement everywhere we went! Of course, we had to make a stop at the finish line to see the blue and yellow stripes with the B.A.A. unicorn! It was there that I had my moment. Standing at that finish line, underneath the arch, I knew that this was what I wanted. I wanted to cross that finish line someday. I wanted to be a Boston Marathoner! 

My friend captured my picture at the finish line, and I can see my determination and excitement whenever I look at it. Running the Boston Marathon® will mean a victory over mental illness, showing the results of months of training, and most importantly, the realization of a dream. He is running the Boston Marathon® again this year, and I can’t wait to cross that blue and yellow finish line with him. 

iFIT Member Chance Potter does a running workout

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