Boston Marathon® Athlete: Dan Ulaszek

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As we gear up for the excitement of the Boston Marathon®, we’re highlighting each of the athletes our team chose to head to Beantown! We received so many heartfelt stories from applicants, and it was excruciatingly difficult to only pick 13. Each story truly inspired us, and we think they’ll inspire you too! While we’re still weeks out from the race, we wanted to share each person’s story before the big day. 

Another athlete entering the Boston Marathon® is iFIT member and #GirlDad Dan Ulaszek, who has gone from a life held back by medical issues to one where health and fitness are priorities. He’s fired up to reach the finish line and show his three daughters anything is possible!

iFIT Member Dan Ulaszek

Dan’s story

I set a goal in August 2020 to turn my health around. As a busy father of three girls under nine, health and exercise were not a priority until my doctor increased my already high medications and discussed prediabetes. iFIT Trainer Ashley Paulson talks about your “why” throughout her workout series. My “why” to start the journey is the same “why” I have to keep it going. Riley, Payton, and Morgan are their names, and as a #GirlDad, I am acutely aware that I am the male role model they look to as a bar for comparison. I want that bar set high for them as they deserve the best. That is my “why” for running Boston. 

I want to show them that their dad, who was overweight and propped up on medications, has (in 14 months!) gone from the couch to the Boston Marathon® at the age of 40. The pinnacle event of the running world! This race will show my daughters that anything they put their minds to is possible, but it takes determination, patience, and a plan. Through setbacks and injuries, the goal has been the same. I will show them it’s never too late to set goals you thought were too challenging and then make them harder. The only person you must be better than is the person you were yesterday. I’m currently signed up for and training for a half marathon the week after Boston, running over 23 miles a week. 

I started my journey last August overweight, and today, I am slimmer, off all my medications, and setting goals I never thought possible. I will reach my goals with or without a trip to Boston because my “whys” are all the inspiration I need. If completing a monumental task like the Boston Marathon® can give my daughters a “why” of their own, that would be worth every step I’ve taken since starting this journey. I have my “whys,” but my most significant “why” hasn’t happened yet. To see my girls grow up to accomplish their own goals using their own “whys” would be the zenith. 

iFIT Member Dan Ulaszek and his family

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