Boston Marathon® Athlete: Julie Eberhart

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As we gear up for the excitement of the Boston Marathon®, we’re highlighting each of the athletes our team chose to head to Beantown! We received so many heartfelt stories from applicants, and it was excruciatingly difficult to only pick 13. Each story truly inspired us, and we think they’ll inspire you too! While we’re still weeks out from the race, we wanted to share each person’s story before the big day. 

Meet Julie Eberhart—an iFIT member who is taking the motto “Keep moving forward” all the way to the Boston Marathon®! First inspired by her daughter, Julie is now an avid marathoner and more than ready to take on this incredible race.

iFIT Member Julie Eberhart

Julie’s story

The Boston Marathon® is an event I had my sights set on in 2020. I was in my early 50s and running better than ever, but then COVID-19 hit, and I thought that dream was over…until now! Running was never an activity I saw myself doing. In fact, my family would joke with me for the way I ran. Little did they know that one day I would be the runner of the family, and they would be cheering me on from the sidelines of 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, and eventually full marathons. 

My daughter and her best friend decided to try a couch to 5K program when they were just out of high school. After learning about that program from them, I decided I would give it a try too. You read that correctly. My daughter was just out of high school, making me a lot further out of high school and a little apprehensive to start this new journey at my age. I went for it anyway and am forever grateful that I did. My daughter is now an elementary school teacher and spent a few years coaching Girls on the Run. Girls on the Run is a program that teaches young girls about different types of peer pressure and how to create a positive self-image. The girls would have their daily lessons at their weekly practices and then spend the remainder of the time running. During my time as a running partner, I developed a passion for running while also bonding with the girls. This was when I realized that running could be both motivating and rewarding. 

One of the mottos is “Keep moving forward.” I can say that motto has continued to guide me through my journey as a runner. I began to see that running could be the right activity for me. At the end of each season, there is a huge 5K event! This ended up being my first race of many, many races and the beginning of my vision of the Boston Marathon®. When the Girls on the Run program concluded at the school, my time running didn’t stop. I ended up having a health condition that caused me to gain a lot of weight. Running was an opportunity to make the lifestyle change I needed to get my health back on track. Living in the Midwest, it was getting difficult to run year-round. My dad had an old treadmill with a worn belt that I borrowed to run indoors during those below-zero winter months and the 100-degree summer days. After seeing how much I stuck with it, my fiancé surprised me with a new treadmill for Christmas. I thought that it was amazing until I got my first iFIT treadmill a couple of years later. 

The iFIT running workout series have opened my eyes to a world I would never have experienced. The videos and trainers are so inspirational. I find so much joy in running alongside them, and it feels like I’m right there. Times became difficult during COVID when in-person races were shut down. I was beginning to lose my motivation, but iFIT kept me going. There’s nothing like the energy of a live race! A feeling I’d long to have in the Boston Marathon®. Having this opportunity to run in Boston would not only mean the world to me but my entire family. 

They have been by my side, literally, every step of the way—from waiting anxiously on the sidelines for hours to see me breeze by for just a second to running up to the finish line with me, cheering as loud as they could. The look of pride on their faces, pictures shared with their friends, and stories my kids tell about their mom who runs marathons fill my heart with joy. I would love to add another chapter to their story and mine by running the race of my life in Boston. Thank you for providing those of us who consider ourselves “late bloomers” to running with what could be our only chance to join the ranks of the select few who are blessed to take part in this iconic event. It will truly be an honor to run Boston with pride and joy every step of the way. 

iFIT Member Julie Eberhart and her family

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