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Discover Customized Training with the SmartAdjust™ Miniseries

Lily Hartman

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Each individual experiences fitness in their own unique way. That’s why at iFit, we offer the SmartAdjust workout feature—designed so you can tailor your workouts to your personal journey. This customized, adjustable feature enables you to accommodate your speed or incline to work out at your own pace!

What is SmartAdjust?

Woman uses SmartAdjust during a running workout on her iFit-connected treadmill

SmartAdjust is a personalized workout feature that allows you to modify your speed or incline. Your iFit-enabled treadmill will also automatically adjust your workout, so you’ll always be in sync with your personal trainer. The intensity you choose for your workouts will continuously save and be calculated for any workouts you complete in the future. That way, you’ll always be making progress in alignment with your training goals! The SmartAdjust workout feature is included on all iFit-enabled treadmills.

Ready to discover SmartAdjust? Try the SmartAdjust Miniseries!

Learn the basics of how to optimize the SmartAdjust workout feature by joining iFit Trainer Gideon Akande in the SmartAdjust Miniseries! Gideon will run or walk with you along stunning trails in Logan, Utah as he explains this unique workout feature.

iFit Trainer Gideon Akande coaches a SmartAdjust Miniseries running workout

Pick one or all three of these independent running and walking workouts to begin using SmartAdjust. Whether you choose to complete intervals on Blacksmith Fork River Trail, run or walk through the breathtaking landscape surrounding Highline Trail, or hike on Crimson Trail, you’ll get an outstanding introduction on how to expertly use SmartAdjust!

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